Dating Is Ruff, but a Pet May Be Key to You Finding (Human) Love

Dating Is Ruff, but a Pet May Be Key to You Finding (Human) Love

Becoming a parent to a pup does something to you. And I don’t mean ‘does something’ in the sense that it opens your heart and allows you to feel again (though it can do that). I mean it does something to your dating life. As soon as a pet dog enters the picture, you become significantly more attractive to other people.

We all know this. It’s why so many of us have put photos of our dogs in our dating profiles. Folks are blatant in their use of pups (some of which aren’t even theirs) in the pursuit of a date. And, according to data sourced by Hinge, it bloody well works.

Is your pet a good wingman?

The dating app ran a survey of 1,000 users recently and found that not only are people more drawn to singles with pets (43 per cent) but Hinge users are 69 per cent more likely to be attracted to dog owners, specifically.

This is not the first time we’ve come across data of this variety, either. Back in 2015, the New York Times ran a story that spoke to the trends of daters using One-third of respondents, in that case, said they were “more attracted to someone” because they owned a pet.

Those numbers increased to about 50 per cent when the respondents knew their date had adopted a pet (rather than purchasing one).

Puppy love

What’s particularly interesting about this survey is that not only are people more attracted to folks with pets (overwhelmingly, dogs) they also seem to believe that pets have an impact on your relationship.

Close to two-thirds of the participants in Hinge’s survey shared they believed pets help contribute to a healthy relationship. A further 57 per cent of people surveyed said they feel pet ownership is a sign their date can handle commitment, and 55 per cent think pets inject relationships with added fun – fair.

On the other side of this, the survey indicated that a substantial number of people (64 per cent) see a date’s inability to get along with their pet as a dealbreaker. And 71 per cent of surveyed Hinge users said that a potential partner’s first reaction to their pet is important.

Long story, short. Pets are a key element when it comes to landing a date and maintaining a relationship, it seems.

With that considered, Hinge and Uber Pet have decided to team up to give pet-loving singles an added bonus this month. From now until June 21, the first 5,000 people to match on Hinge in Australian cities where Uber Pet is available are being given a chance to land a 50 per cent discount code for Uber Pet.

In a nutshell, you need to like or comment on Hinge’s Photo Prompt ‘Are you a dog person because’ for you and your potential date to be eligible to win. Those who land a discount code will be informed over email on June 23, and you’ll have about two weeks to use your code.

Best of luck out there, all you puppy-loving singles.

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