From Fish Pics to Too Many Emojis, Here Are Some Dating Profile Red Flags That’ll Get People Swiping Left

From Fish Pics to Too Many Emojis, Here Are Some Dating Profile Red Flags That’ll Get People Swiping Left

We recently wrote about Tinder changing its Community Guidelines in-app and the profile practices that were no longer considered appropriate by the app. This got us thinking about the process of building a dating app profile and what singles want from potential dates there. So, with that considered, we asked our team to share their biggest red flags when it comes to dating app profiles. Here’s what they shared.

Dating app profile red flags: What not to do

Ranging from classic dating app no-nos to more obscure red flags that seasoned daters have learned to spot over time, this list is certainly an eye-opening one if you’re someone with a dating app profile.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

In the year of our lord 2023, why are you still only using group pics?

People who only have group photos on their profile (how am I supposed to know which one you are??). That or people with only one or two images.

– Anon, 27

Answer your prompts properly 

Generic prompt answers (ahem Pineapple on pizza debate), asking for very specific traits in a partner, no photos with their face, pick-me vibe prompts.

– Sass, 28

Long, impersonal lists are a red flag. Sorry about it

Lists of interests/hobbies that don’t really say anything: I haven’t been on dating apps for a bit but the unholy trinity used to be “I like dogs, travelling and watching Netflix”.

Leon – 27

Too many emojis

A really long bio with a lot of emojis. Why are they talking that much? Save it for the date, babe. ALSO when people say what they’re looking for in the bio, I want that conversation to happen organically down the line, instead.

– Ky, 22

“Follow me on Insta” is the king of dating app red flags

“Not on here much, follow me on Insta @XXXX”.

“Wants kids someday” but “Looking for something casual” (how you meant to have kids one day with something casual, you actual porkchop).

Pictures with no friends ([include] just one shot of friends so I know you’re not going to be codependent and by my side 24/7)

[Writing] “No baggage”. Sir, you’re in your 30s. Not having been in a long-term relationship/married and [having] no kids is a red flag that you cannot do commitment/you’re unrealistically picky.

– Ash, 34

Too many selfies

When all the pictures are selfies — there has to be at least ONE portrait pic

– Juliette, 23

We’re all in agreement that weird photos with wild animals are a reg flag, yes?

1. “We’ll get along if [insert obnoxious attempt at being more clever than general folk].” 2. Holding a fish, unless it’s one of those singing ones from the 90s. 3. Entire profile of selfies/ solo pics. Who are YOU? Where are your friends? Family? Pets? Are you catfishing me or do you like love yourself enough for the both of us?

– Poppy, 29

I mean…

Shirtless mirror pics.

– Maria, 25

Gym pics give off weird vibes; flexing your muscles is a red flag

Gym pics are an immediate no. More of an ick than a red flag, though. Anything too overtly masc (eg. on a motorbike, flexing muscles, boxing) for me is a no-go, I feel like I can already smell the gaslighting down the road.

– Chloe

Obviously, some of these red flags are not going to work for everyone. Maybe you prefer people to list out their intentions with dates right away. Or perhaps you’re super keen to discuss pineapple on pizza. But, in any case, it’s interesting to hear what people might be interpreting as a negative on your dating app profile.

If you would like more tips on how to create a strong profile, here are some tips from a dating expert.

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