5 Red Flags That Suggest Your New Relationship Is Headed For Trouble

5 Red Flags That Suggest Your New Relationship Is Headed For Trouble

The honeymoon phase of any relationship is a special time. It’s that period where you’re all starry-eyed and can’t keep your hands off one-another. And while the honeymoon phase is a sweet, low-stress point in the dating journey, that doesn’t mean it won’t bring up certain red flags.

As our pals at Pedestrian have reported, a TikTok relationship expert, Therapy Jeff, has shared a video on warning signs in the early stages of dating that may indicate your relationship is headed towards troubled waters.

Much like our pieces on traits that are overvalued in dating and those that are undervalued, many of these points are fairly simple – but sometimes, we need someone external to highlight important details that we might be missing.

Obviously, your relationship is your own and a TikTok video can’t effectively judge the health of your romance. However, these points are all worth paying attention to. So don’t brush them off too quickly, yeah?

Here’s what @therapyjeff had to say.

Red flags in the honeymoon phase

In this video, Therapy Jeff shared that there are five key red flags in the honeymoon phase of a relationship that you should pay attention to. He then shared some advice on when to know they’ve gotten out of hand.

The red flags were:

  • Overly-controlling behaviour
  • Jealously and possessiveness
  • A lack of boundaries
  • Avoidance of conflict
  • Over-dependency

He shared that when it comes to controlling behaviour, it’s important to take note of when someone appears to want to control who you spend time with and when – this is a huge red flag.

Jealousy and possessiveness is one that people tend to see as a positive at first (especially in the honeymoon phase), but Therapy Jeff highlighted that insecurity issues can cause problems down the track, so pay attention here.

When it comes to boundaries, something we’ve chatted about loads of times, Jeff shared that a partner who “consistently pressures you to do things you’re uncomfortable with” isn’t the goal.

Avoidance of conflict is another confusing one as folks may want to keep things rosy during the honeymoon phase, but Therapy Jeff stressed that this can lead to resentment. Communicate well and with respect, people.

Finally, over-dependency is a sign that your partner may “struggle with independence and personal growth”, which is not something you want to deal with.

You can check out the video in full below.


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