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Starting a new job can be fun and exciting. If you're lucky, you can keep everything you do within the confines of the office. But let's be realistic: You're probably going to be working from home a little bit, either playing catch-up or sipping delicious drinks while you take advantage of your company's "you don't have to physically show up" policies.

As your personal and work lives start to intertwine, it can be tricky to manage the balance across your various devices. Here's how I did it.


Dear Lovehacker, I've just turned 20 and I'm still a virgin and I've never had a serious boyfriend. Two of my bi guy friends and I have sometimes joked about having a threesome and I'm starting to consider it, just to get it over with. Is this a bad idea? Thanks, Third Wheel.


My dad and I are about as different as two people can be when one formed the life experiences and personality of the other for 18 years: He's a Midwestern lawyer who lives for Michigan football, and I'm a know-it-all East Coast transplant who's a proud University of Michigan graduate but enjoys tailgating more than the actual game.