The Two Easiest Ways to Get a Duvet Cover On

The Two Easiest Ways to Get a Duvet Cover On

Making the bed is among my least favourite chores. First, there’s the all-out war with the fitted sheet. Then, if you’re particularly unlucky, there’s a second battle with the duvet cover. Getting a duvet inside its sheath is an agonizing process that usually involves trying to stuff it down evenly before getting frustrated and resigning yourself to letting it be lumpy. What if we told you there’s a better way? In fact, there are two better ways.

Method one: burrito style

This hack has actually been around a while, but it periodically gets new life on social media, introducing it to a new audience, which is how we found it recently. Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it on your bed with the fastener side at the foot. Lay the duvet itself over top and roll the two together, creating a spiral. (It’s less like a burrito and more like a cinnamon roll, but that isn’t as catchy of a name.)

From there, wrap the open end of the cover around the entire tube so both ends meet. Hold onto the end and roll it back out. Your duvet is now inside its cover. If that’s not making sense when you read it, watch this video from Piglet in Bed, a bedding company:

Method two: tie method

For this method, which comes recommended by Lifehacker’s Senior Health Editor Beth Skwarecki, you need a duvet cover with ties inside. (If you don’t have ties inside, sew some to the inner corners of the cover. Flip the cover inside out and attach two pieces of ribbon on each of the four corners.)

First, lay down the duvet cover on your bed. Then, turn your cover inside out and place it over top of the duvet. Tie the ties or pieces of ribbon around each corner of the duvet and turn the entire thing right side out. The duvet will stay in place thanks to the ties.


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