Put A Quilt Cover On With Minimum Effort By Rolling It Like A Burrito

If you've ever tried to put on a quilt cover, you probably know a unique kind of bed-making frustration. This video shows what's probably the simplest, easiest way to get that unwieldy comforter encased — no shaking required.

Sure, there are other inside-out methods that are easier than trying to tug the comforter into the cover, but why shake the giant thing when you can just roll everything together, magic burrito-style?

Master bed maker Scott Culley demonstrates this method in all of two minutes in the YouTube video above. Just roll, pull through, and unroll. Magical.

(PS Keep the comforter from bunching up in the middle with trusty binder clips on the corners.)

Duvet Burrito [YouTube]


    I'm glad you put "http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2009/11/put-on-a-duvet-cover-without-losing-your-mind/" in there because this method, besides having a very catchy name is a little slow and painful. it might be easier than the inside-out method if you are very short.

    I was a Ski-Lodge manager for two seasons a couple of years ago. We had to change up to 66 doona covers per day. The inside-out method is the quickest and easiest!

    Mind = BLOWN! THis is fantastic. Thank you!

    This is brilliant! I love it. Will definitely give it a go this week. Thanks

      I have a range of quilt cover sets that you zip open and shut.

    that line "master bed maker" inspired an immature giggle from me.

    What's the point? You could do it just as fast the normal way. If not faster.

    Australian designed/Australian made "attaching quilt covers & quilts..."
    with gorgeous accessories to match!

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