I’ve Been Applying Band-Aids Wrong My Entire Life

I’ve Been Applying Band-Aids Wrong My Entire Life

We’re embracing the new year as a chance to learn new things, and today, we have learned one simple band-aid hack that will stay with us forever. If you have ever suffered from cuts on your fingers and then suffered even further trying to position a band-aid perfectly on that wound, you should keep reading, because we have found the simplest solution.

The easiest way to wrap apply a Band-Aid to your finger

I know what you’re thinking: an article dedicated entirely to wrapping a band-aid around your finger? What has the world come to? But stick with me here because this is one of those simple hacks that you didn’t know you needed.

As with all great life hacks, we found this one on TikTok. The video comes from @thewellnessspot, who claims their mind was blown after discovering this hack for applying a band-aid. Check it out below.


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As you can see, the hack simply involves cutting a line down the centre of the band-aid on either side, stopping at the padded section in the middle. This is obviously best done before peeling away the paper so that the band-aid doesn’t stick to your scissors.

From there, when you place the band-aid on your finger, you can secure it properly by crisscrossing each of the four tabs you’ve made.

I, for one, always hate how band-aids, particularly those that have to be placed on uneven surfaces, like a finger, tend to move or even slip off entirely with your daily wear and tear.

It’s not solving world peace or anything, but it’s a pretty nifty hack, no?

This isn’t the first life hack from TikTok that has blown our collective minds here at Lifehacker. Recently we learned we’d been swiping between apps on our iPhones wrong our entire lives and that there’s a wrong way to use toilet freshener.

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