7 Gift Ideas For The Outdoorsy People In Your Life

7 Gift Ideas For The Outdoorsy People In Your Life
Contributor: Jared Richards
This article is sponsored by EcoFlow.

Whether a camper, hiker, climber or fishing enthusiast, the outdoorsy people in your life always need new gear and tech to make their adventure even better.

While I’m sure they love being one with nature no matter the circumstance, some items can certainly make heading on an adventure an easier, more comfortable and more exciting experience.

With that and Christmas in mind, here are seven items that will help elevate their next journey — and best of all, they’ll think of you whenever they use these gifts, too. From the simplest way to make coffee on the go to EcoFlow‘s powerful, reliable tech and travel guides sure to inspire, here’s our tried-and-tested list of outdoor accessories, essentials and more.

EcoFlow RIVER Pro

Summer calls for camping vacations, but in 2022, you don’t really want to go off the grid. EcoFlow’s RIVER Pro is a portable power station, sporting up to 720Wh power. It can power up to nine devices at the same time, so is perfect for on the go.

That means any appliance or comfort can be taken on the road, too. And if you pair it with EcoFlow’s 110W Solar Panel, the camper’s have a greener, portable way to stay on-the-grid and in comfort, no matter where they are. Plus, right now you can take advantage of Christmas deals for up to $700 off the range!

AeroPress Go

For the uninitiated, an AeroPress is the ultimate portable coffee brewer — the device works like a French Press but requires just a quick rinse to clean up. The AeroPress Go is designed for travellers, a compact unit that comes with its own mug to position the coffee chamber over, and a lid to keep things warm. Pair it with a portable kettle and coffee from your local roastery for a true travel pack.

Nature Guides

Never let them run low on inspiration again! There’s a heap of beautiful hiking and nature guides available, but two of our favourites are Places We Swim, a guidebook to Australia’s best beaches, pools, waterfalls and more, and Day Trip, a guide to hikes around Sydney. Day Trip also just dropped Dog Trip, for all those outdoorsy types who like to take their pooch for the adventure, too.

Portable Air Conditioner

Even for the most hardcore adventurer, the Australian heat can be relentless. When it comes to cooling down, campers can’t rely on the night breeze alone, which is why EcoFlow’s Wave Portable Air Conditioner is the gift that keeps giving. With eight hours of runtime on battery alone and a sleek design, setting up this air con is essential for a good night’s sleep — all the better for the next day’s adventure! It’s also the fastest working AC unit of its size: it can cool a tent in 8 minutes flat. How good.

National Park Passes

For keen hikers and national park-lovers, it’s easy for entry fees to stack up throughout the year. So, give them the peace of mind with a year’s worth of free entry to all their favourite spots. In NSW, a one-year pass for all fee-collecting parks will set you back $190. Plus, it’s a good incentive to get out there and use it!

A Mini Cooking System

When you’re out and about hiking or camping, this compact little system is a life-saver. Whip up a quick meal with this tiny stove and frypan that doubles as a lid. It boils water in a snap and won’t take up much room in your backpack.

A Headlamp

A versatile pressie for anyone outdoorsy, these lightweight headlamps mean their hands are freed up for all their other important gear. It can be chucked on when wandering around a campsite or trekking home in the evening, or even hanging your washing out at night. Whatever floats your boat!


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