Bump Time Jump: Stars Nathalie Morris and Carlos Sanson Jr. Talk What’s in Store for Season 3

Bump Time Jump: Stars Nathalie Morris and Carlos Sanson Jr. Talk What’s in Store for Season 3

When Aussie original series Bump returns for its third season on Stan some things will feel familiar. All your favourite characters including Oly, Santi and Jacinda are back, and the season will once again release on Boxing Day. But that’s about where the similarities end, thanks to a significant five-year narrative time jump.

Bump began as a show about a high school couple’s experiences with parenthood after an unplanned pregnancy. Quickly it grew to become one of the most heartwarming family shows on television.

When it was revealed that Bump’s new season would skip forward four years, taking the characters out of high school and into the real world, cast members Nathalie Morris (Oly Chalmers-Davis) and Carlos Sanson Jr. (Santi Hernandez) told Lifehacker Australia it was nothing but exciting.

“I think we were ready to,” Morris said. “I mean, we’re so much older than our characters, and we have been since season one. We were ready to get out of our uniform and it meant that we could explore things that we would deal with in our own lives now.”

When we pick things back up with Oly and Santi in Season 3, they’re not exactly the high school sweethearts we once knew.

“Santi has been working full time as a tradie. We saw at the end of season two, he drops out and makes that commitment to start work,” Sanson Jr. said. “We jump five years and he’s deep inside that tradie world, but he’s sort of lost his art and that passion that he has. So there’s kind of something in him that’s not fully fulfilled at the moment.”

“Oly is at university and Jacinda is just starting kindergarten,” Morris added. “Santi and Oly have separated and that’s the [family] dynamic.”

bump season 3 stan
Bump Season 3 (Image: Stan)

According to the cast members, we won’t find out too much of what happened during the time jump but there will be hints of it throughout the season. However, the actors did discuss what they think caused Oly and Santi to break off their relationship.

“I have so many of my friends who are in this position where they’ve been together since high school, and they’re very much in love and in a good relationship, but they’re like, who am I as an individual? Am I kind of losing myself and my growth at this crucial time between 18 and 22 by being in this very adult partnership?” Morris said.

“So I think that that’s something that they’ve dealt with in their relationship and that leads them to kind of take some time apart.”

All the characters have seen significant life changes when we see them again in Bump Season 3. But none more so than Jacinda, who has graduated out of nappies and is now played as a kindergartener by young actress Ava Cannon.

“I’ll always remember we watched Ava’s audition together and we were just like, that makes so much sense,” Morris said.

“Instantly… we were like this is our daughter,” Sanson Jr. agreed.

“It’s really fun to see how this baby’s been shaped by Bernadita and Rosa and Angie,” Morris said. “She’s been raised by this insane village.”

bump season 3
Bump Season 3 (Image: Stan)

Bump has been a massive success with audiences both locally and overseas. It was quickly announced during the production of Season 2 that a third season had been commissioned. Whether the series will receive a fourth season is still undetermined.

Both Morris and Sanson Jr. are hopeful the series will return, saying they’d like to see Bump take another time jump next season.

“I feel like it would have to be another jump,” Morris said. “I want to see Oly start working and maybe travelling.”

“I want to see how Santi responds to Jacinda getting a little boyfriend or girlfriend,” Sanson Jr. said. “I want to see what type of tension that brings and how all the characters respond to that.”

Even if Bump was to end as we know it in Season 3, both actors supported the idea of a Jacinda spin-off.

“She could have her own spin-off,” Morris said.

“She so could,” Sanson Jr, agreed.

Bump Season 3 begins streaming on Boxing Day on Stan.

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