Everyone Is Growing Up so Fast in Bump Season 3

Everyone Is Growing Up so Fast in Bump Season 3

We’ve welcomed some classic Aussie families into our homes over the years; Packed to the Rafters, Neighbours, Gogglebox. Maybe not as well-known, but definitely just as beloved, is the Chalmers-Davis family, who are set to make a return this Christmas in season 3 of the Stan original Aussie series Bump.

Things are looking a little bit different in the new season, so allow us to catch you up.

Bump Season 3 has a time jump

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Image: Stan

Bump is an Aussie comedy, following the antics of Oly and Santi, who become teen parents after a surprise pregnancy, and must balance the pressures of parenting, high school and dramas within their families.

Last we saw Oly and Santi, they had moved out of their parent’s homes, were staring down the barrel of graduation and adult jobs and their little baby Jacinda was, well, a baby.

Picking up in Bump season 3, nearly five years have passed and Jacinda is preparing for her first day of school (*cries* they grow up so fast!).

According to Stan’s synopsis, Oly and Santi will be navigating co-parenting, new partners and a separation that causes them to realise the importance of family. Oly’s family Angie, Dom and Bowie are also back for the ride, as are Vince, Reema, Rosa and Bernadita.

Wondering what else to expect? Find out in the first trailer for Bump season 3.

Which cast members are returning?

bump season 3 stan
Image: Stan

Pretty much all your favourites are back in season 3 of Bump, although everyone’s had their post-teenage glow-up.

Nathalie Morris and Carlos Sanson Jr. return to play Oly and Santi. Jacinda has graduated out of nappies this season and will now be played by Ava Cannon.

Claudia Karvan (Angie), Angus Sampson (Dom), Christian Byers (Bowie), Ioane Sa’ula (Vince), Safia Arain (Reema), Paula Garcia (Rosa) and Claudia de Giusti (Bernadita) also return in Season 3.

Episodes this season are directed by Kriv Stenders, Geoff Bennett, Margie Beattie and Rebecca O’Brien. The writing team includes Kelsey Munro, Claudia Karvan, Kelsey Munro, Jessica Tuckwell, Nick Coyle, Dr Fernanda Peñaloza, Timothy Lee and Jessica Redenbach.

When can we watch Bump season 3?

The release of Bump’s trailer also came with the good news that we don’t have long to wait.

Season 3 will stream exclusively on Stan from Boxing Day (December 26) 2022, with all episodes dropping at once.


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