We Can All Learn a Lot from Teen Hero Vince in Stan’s Series Bump

We Can All Learn a Lot from Teen Hero Vince in Stan’s Series Bump

If you’ve smashed through the second season of Bump on Stan like I have, then welcome to this Vince appreciation post.

Spoiler: I’ve tried to avoid major spoilers here so anyone and everyone can enjoy the series, because honestly it’s one of the best Australian shows in a long time.

A quick catch up for those new to the series: season one started with Oly surprisingly going into labour at school. Complete shock to her and also her boyfriend who turns out is not the father (his virginity gave it away).

Oly, baby daddy Santi, and their families have to navigate this newfound world with baby Jacinda (named after New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, of course). Santi’s best mate Vince makes some solid appearances but it’s not until season two that he really comes into his own.

Season two picks up a few months down the track and Vince is smitten with baby J — because he wants to be a midwife.

There’s a lot we can all learn from Vince, played so beautifully by Ioane Sa’ula in the series.

Leave the gender stereotypes at the door

Vince proudly talks of his ambitions of becoming a midwife, even when his friends tease him about being a “midhusband”. As he so eloquently puts it, it’s the one job in healthcare where you get to share in the best day of someone’s life. Honestly, my heart! Vince would make such a great midwife — he’s calm, kind and supportive, and knows when it’s the right time to crack a joke.

Support your mates

Most people would expect a teenage boy to go running for the hills as soon as their best mate had a baby. But not Vince. He shows up at Santi’s place with a Jolly Jumper so they can play video games while baby J entertains herself. He’s there to help Santi when J gets congested and can’t breathe or feed properly. And he extends that level of support to all his mates, always looking out for them when they’re in trouble.

Set your boundaries

Being so supportive to your mates can be exhausting, and Vince reaches a moment when it all becomes too much. Even though he’s clearly upset, he stands up for himself and gracefully draws the line on how much he can give to others emotionally. It’s such a valuable lesson in self-care, and it’s so refreshing to see a teenage boy — who’s physique could so easily see him typecast as a thug — be openly vulnerable.

Truely, we need more Vinces in this world.

Season two of Bump is streaming on Stan now.

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