Look Alive Plant-Based Eaters, Impossible is Launching ‘Chicken’ Nuggets

Look Alive Plant-Based Eaters, Impossible is Launching ‘Chicken’ Nuggets

There are very few things on this Earth that are better than the crispy little pieces of heaven called chicken nuggets. For a very long time, however, those on vegetarian and vegan diets have been deprived of a good plant-based substitute. Well, Impossible Foods is here to change that.

You don’t even need to be on a plant-based diet to enjoy these crispy Impossible nuggets. Heck, I’m excited to try them, and I love regular chicken nuggets.

While this isn’t the first brand to make them, California-based Impossible Foods has announced that it will be launching the Impossible Chicken Nuggets Made From Plants in Woolworths stores across the country.

Impossible Foods recently had a rather successful launch for its plant-based Impossible Beef range earlier this year. Now, after becoming a top seller in the U.S., the plant-based nuggets are set to bless us Down Under next month.

It’s no secret that animal chicken nuggets are a favoured snack here in Australia. So much so that, according to AgriFutures, Aussies consume 46 kilograms of chicken per year. In saying that, however, meat consumption is on the decline, with a whopping 42% of Aussies eating less or no meat at all, according to Food Frontier.

Impossible surveyed 103 consumers who said that their plant-based nuggets taste better than chicken nuggets. They also have 65% less saturated fat and 40% less total fat than animal-based chicken nuggets in Australia.

According to Impossible, because the nuggets are made from plants, they use less water, generate less GHG emissions and use less land than animal-based chicken nuggets produced in Australia.

That means that not only are they absolutely delicious, but they are also better for both you and the environment.

The plant-based nuggets come ready to prepare in the oven, air fryer or microwave so it’s perfect for an afternoon snack or a simple dinner.

Impossible Chicken Nuggets will begin rolling out into Woolworths stores across Australia over the next few weeks. They will retail at $13.65 for a 383g pack containing 18-20 nuggets.

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