Grill’d Has Revamped Two Restaurants to Be Entirely Plant-Based

Grill’d Has Revamped Two Restaurants to Be Entirely Plant-Based
Image: Grill'd (Supplied)

There’s no doubt that plant-based options are steadily expanding in Australia. Local burger chain Grill’d is taking that one step further with two new restaurants decked out entirely with vegan-friendly options.

Welcome to Impossibly Grill’d

impossibly grill'd plant based restaurant
Image: Grill’d (Supplied)

The two new venues go by the name Impossibly Grill’d and have been completely transformed to be as plant-friendly as possible.

That includes some redecorating with the restaurants featuring leafy green interiors and bright pops of colour. But the main attraction is definitely the menu, which features 23 plant-based burgers along with sides and salads.

The revamped Impossibly Grill’d restaurants are located at:

  • Crown Street, Darlinghurst NSW
  • Collingwood, VIC

“We’re thrilled to open the doors of Impossibly Grill’d, an entirely new healthy, sustainable plant-based restaurant concept where guests can enjoy the tastiest meat-free burgers in Australia,” Grill’d founder and managing director Simon Crowe said in a statement.

What items are on the menu?

grill'd impossible burgers
Image: Grill’d (Supplied)

Grill’d is capitalising on its investment in Impossible meat for its new menu, which is a burger pattie that looks, cooks and tastes exactly like beef, but is made completely from plant-based ingredients.

Here’s a peek at some of the menu items you’ll find at the new venues:

  • Impossible Simply Grill’d
  • Impossible Cheeseburger
  • Impossible Crispy Facon and Cheese
  • Impossible Mighty
  • Impossible Australian
  • Impossible Garden Goodness
  • Impossible Nourish & Flourish
  • Impossible Summer Sunset
  • Impossible Mustard & Pickled!
  • Impossible Chilli Addict

You’ll also find a range of plantein “chicken” tasting burgers like the Bird & Brie and Zen Hen as well as the Fable range of mushroom burgers.

As for sides, you can indulge in a new loaded option for Grill’d famous chips.

If you’re not located near one of these plant-based restaurants have no fear because the Impossible Simply Grill’d, Impossible Vegan Cheeseburger, Impossible Garden Goodness and Impossible Australian are all available at Grill’d locations Australia-wide.

To support the new opening, Grill’d is also bringing back meat-free Mondays at all restaurants to encourage diners to go meatless for one day a week.

When the menu looks as delicious as this one, that won’t be hard!

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