Amazon Will Pay You $40K to Watch Shows and Recommend Them

Amazon Will Pay You $40K to Watch Shows and Recommend Them

Amazon Prime Video wants to pay someone to sit on the lounge and watch TV – they’re even calling it a job. The role? To be a Prime Video Buff. How creative.

For three months of work over the Summer, Amazon Prime Video wants to pay someone $40,000 to watch, and then recommend, some of the content available on its platform. The opportunity will see the successful candidate be known as the platform’s Prime Video Buff.

There’s more to it than just saying, ‘You should watch The Boys’, however.

Jokes aside, this is a legitimate job, and one of the criteria you have to hit if you want the gig is to have a wide range of knowledge about movies and TV shows because a big part of the role is to recommend things to other people. Sort of like a human version of the AI that recommends shows that are similar to ones you’ve already watched.

“That big, movie-quote filled brain of yours has the power for good, because with tens of thousands of titles on offer, choosing what to watch can be hard,” the job ad reads.

“So, if you’re a walking, talking film and TV encyclopedia, live for the latest series and love film in all its glorious forms, we want you to be our Prime Video Buff.”

The right candidate will need to consider themselves a “content junkie”, and be available to work full-time on this gig. As part of the job, you’ll get red carpet access and be able to work from home (i.e. the lounge), and you’ll also have access to shows (the ones on Prime Video) before they hit Amazon’s streaming service.

I feel like I’m writing a job ad.

While they’ll pay this Prime Video Buff $40K, that’s the total cost of the package, $3,570 of it will go to superannuation, $2,047.57 in tax and $563.55 is a worker’s comp payment. You’ll see around $33,800 of it. It’s only open to residents of Australia, and you have to be over the age of 18. To apply, head to