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You don't have to hate your job to consider quitting. Feeling only lukewarm about the work you do or the team you work with can be enough to get you thinking about sprucing up your resume and firing up a new job search. Before you put the energy into looking for a new job altogether, it might be worth identifying the problem at hand, and seeing if there are ways to improve your current situation.


Friday is a wasted day for a lot of people. You're tired from the week, your mind is focused on the weekend, and most of your coworkers are probably checked out. This day plan keeps your Friday productive, but also keeps things relaxed so you can ease into your weekend.


It's easy to forget that job interviews aren't just an evaluation of you as a candidate, they're also a chance for you to get a sense of the company and team you could work with. Look for these warning signs during your next interview to make sure you're getting into a good situation.