Reduce Your Plastic Usage With These 6 Toothpaste Tablet Brands

Reduce Your Plastic Usage With These 6 Toothpaste Tablet Brands
Image: iStock/Space_Cat
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When we look into making sustainable product swaps in our everyday life, we often think about ditching cling wrap and forgoing plastic bags at the shops. It’s funny considering how much plastic we consume that many of us overlook the humble tube of toothpaste sitting on our bathroom vanities. If you’re interested in finding a more eco-friendly alternative, then it’s high time you considered these up and coming toothpaste tablets that are selling out in stores across Australia.

What are toothpaste tablets and how do you use them?

Reduce Your Plastic Usage With These 6 Toothpaste Tablet Brands
Image: iStock/Space_Cat

Toothpaste tablets are exactly what it says on the tin: powdered toothpaste that has been condensed into a tablet. Don’t worry, they still offer a similar kind of clean to traditional toothpaste, but they’re better for the environment and travel-friendly.

This is because most brands use recyclable, compostable or refillable packaging, so instead of buying a whole new tube of toothpaste every time you run out, you just need to waltz into your nearest store and pick up a refill pack.

They’re also travel-friendly, which will help us avoid the disaster we’ve all faced at least once when packing for a weekend getaway or overseas trip. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve suffered a toothpaste explosion in our carry-ons, and were left to clean up a minty mess.

By now, you might be thinking to yourself, “That’s all well and cool, but how do you use them?” Well, thankfully it’s all pretty straightforward. You simply pop one into your mouth, chew it, and start brushing. Some may require you to wet one or your toothbrush before brushing. One tablet is usually enough for a full two-minute clean. However, some people feel they get a better clean from two tablets. Just don’t swallow it, please.

If you prefer, you can also get some options without fluoride too. Keen to try some other eco-friendly oral care? Why not invest in a tongue scraper or a water flosser while you’re at it.

Ahead, we’re rounded up some of the top-rated toothpaste tablets that you can find in Australia and are worth making the swap for.

The best toothpaste tablets you can buy in Australia

hello teeth whitening toothpaste tablets

hello toothpaste tablets
Image: hello

Say good bye to plaque and hello to whiter teeth. This travel-friendly package of hello toothpaste tablets is thoughtfully formulated with natural peppermint, tea tree oil and coconut oil for ingredients, but they’re also refillable so you can keep using the same tin long after you’ve gone through all 60 tablets.

Where to buy:

Amazon ($12.49) | Chemist Warehouse ($12.49) | Woolworths ($9.60)

White Glo Bite & Brush toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste tablets
Image: White Glo

These toothpaste tablets were designed with sensitivity in mind and are gentle enough to be used daily while also being safe for your enamel. To really brighten up your smile, it’s packed with five times whiter technology using ingredients such as PAP, Peroxide and Baking Soda to name a few.

Where to buy:

Amazon ($14.95) | White Glo ($12.99)

Colgate Anywhere Travel Toothpaste Tablets

Colgate chewable tablets
Image: Colgate

Ahh, Colgate. A household name when it comes to toothpaste, it makes sense that it’s jumping on the sustainable bandwagon. All you have to do is chew an individual tablet in your mouth, then brush away – just remember not to swallow. These tablets are made with fluoride, which is efficient at preventing cavities and comes with a childproof screwable cap.

Where to buy:

Amazon ($59.40)

Nelson Naturals Inc. Crush and Brush Toothpaste Tablets

One of the best toothpaste tablets
Image: Nelson Naturals

Aside from having a fun name, Crush & Brush’s toothpaste tablets are a mess-free, convenient alternative to tube paste. They’re mint flavoured, come with 75 tablets, and are made with ingredients like calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate that are effective in helping to promote oral health.

Where to buy:

Amazon ($26.95) | Flora & Fauna ($19.95) | Goodness Me ($19.95)

The Good Company Tooth Tabs

the good co. toothpaste tabs
Image: The Good Company

These minty flavoured toothpaste tablets offer eco-friendly teeth cleaning. They’re loaded with natural ingredients that help remove surface stains, prevent tooth decay and remineralise enamel while being gentle on gums. In this packet you’ll receive 180 tablets, and they come in cute, little, compostable packaging.

Where to buy:

Flora & Fauna ($36)

Georganics Activated Charcoal Natural Toothtablets

Reduce Your Plastic Usage With These 6 Toothpaste Tablet Brands
Image: Georganics

Flavoured with organic peppermint oil and made with natural ingredients including charcoal, sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar, these toothpaste tablets are a zero-waste and refreshing way of brushing your teeth. Once you crush them between your teeth, they naturally foam for a deep clean. They’re also free from synthetic ingredients like Sodium Fluoride, SLS and Glycerin.

Where to buy:

Amazon ($22.94) | Nourished Life ($24.95)

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