Cook Spuddy Goodness in Just 4 Minutes With This $22 Potato Bag

Cook Spuddy Goodness in Just 4 Minutes With This $22 Potato Bag
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Don’t bother fighting us on this but a serving of potatoes are always a special part of any meal, whether its a handful of hot chips or mashed potatoes on the side. When you’re just trying to recreate a delicious, healthy dinner at home, it can take up to 30 minutes to boil a bunch of potatoes to perfection. Why does such potatoey goodness take so long to cook? We don’t know, that’s probably a question for some spudly god but what we do know is how to cheat the system with a microwave and a potato baking bag.

For the sceptics, you might be wondering how in the world a bag can perfectly steam and soften a handful of potatoes and at first, we didn’t believe it ourselves. But as it turns out, this potato bag works as a microwave steaming pocket so you can whip up some potatoes in just four to six minutes.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave

Microwave potatoes
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You can cook all sorts of things with this microwaveable pouch. Not only can you cook any type of potato, but you can also use it steam corn on a cob. Instead of waiting ages to whip up those mouthwatering sour cream and bacon-topped loaded potatoes, you can quicken the process by throwing it in the microwave for a few minutes. Then, top it straight away to serve.

The best part about this bag is that its both washable and reusable, so you can turn it inside out and pop it in the laundry machine after use.

So here’s how you too can cook potatoes in the microwave:

  1. To cook some fabulous potatoes in a matter minutes, the first thing you’ll need to do is clean your potatoes. You can do this by peeling away the dirt and skin before giving it a quick rinse underneath your tap. Then, pat it dry.
  2. Next, you’ll want to insert one-to-four potatoes at a time inside each your bag and place it in the microwave to bake.
  3. You’ll need to adjust the timer on your microwave to match the size of your potatoes. For small to medium-sized potatoes, you’ll only need three to four minutes, however big potatoes will require five to six minutes.
  4. Once the timer goes off, carefully remove the pouch from the microwave.
  5. Pull out a pair of tongs and gently open the bag — keeping mindful of any steam that may escape.

And voila, nicely softened potatoes that you can immediately serve, or turn into a delicious mash.

Thank you Percy Spencer for inventing the microwave so we can cook all kinds of unbelievable things in it in just a moment’s time.

You can shop the microwave potato bag here for $22.63.


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