5 Chic Styling Tips to Transform Your Bedroom Into an Oasis

5 Chic Styling Tips to Transform Your Bedroom Into an Oasis
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If there’s one thing you shouldn’t skimp on, it’s turning your bedroom into your ultimate personal sanctuary. After all, it is where you spend around 33 years of your life when you take sleeping into account (and only God knows how many more if we add up WFH and just lying around relaxing). We also no that taking the time to turn a blah-looking space into a room you genuinely enjoy hanging out in is no simple feat, though. So we turned to some experts, and data, that helped us pull together a guide to creating the perfect space: starting with bedroom design.

According to the King of home decor, Pinterest, there are some key styling trends that you should consider when freshening up your bedroom. Jason Granziera, Lounge Lovers‘ in-house stylist, has also shared some advice in this space.

Here are some insights into how you design the bedroom of your dreams

Comfort is key

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Interest in comfort and warmth is nowhere near fading, with Pinterest searches for ‘Hygge Home‘ (a Danish notion of cosiness and contentment) increasing by 35 per cent over the past month and ‘cosy room’ spiking by 50 per cent.

Granziera added that “No one wants to get into their place of rest [and find] that looks like a tightly folded envelope”. He suggested using layers, soft throws and pillows to keep it relaxed.

Another element to consider when creating a cosy space is to keep it free of unnecessary light, if possible.

Physician and certified sleep specialist Angela Holliday-Bell, M.D spoke with Apartment Therapy on this, sharing that screens are a huge no-no and that investing in blackout curtains may even be worth a thought if you want to prioritise quality sleep.

“The blue wavelength of light has a significant effect on our natural melatonin by suppressing the release, sometimes by hours, making it much more difficult to transition to sleep when it’s time,” she told the outlet.

Make your storage options stylish

Sure, you may need a bedside table and bookshelf for practical reasons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use those areas as an extension of your personal style.

Pinterest shows that searches for ‘bookshelf decor’ – where folks are applying colour themes to bookshelves and using them to showcase decorative items – have jumped up by 135 per cent of late. ‘Bedside table styling’ has also been a popular search term with a 50 per cent increase in interest.

A reason to colour code my book collection? Sign me up.

Just be sure not to use this as an excuse for excess clutter. As Apartment Therapy writes, a clutter-free environment is far better for de-stressing and you want your bedroom to be an oasis, remember?

Liven up your walls

Okay, this may be more suited to homeowners than renters, but there is a whole lot of interest in elevating wall space right now. Pinterest has shared that searches for ‘vj panelling feature wall’ is up by 40 per cent.

If you’re new to the term VJ (vertical joints) panelling, in essence, it’s a wall feature using wooden panels. Stylish.

More impermanent options to look at, however, include ‘wall collage design’ which has picked up in interest by 35 per cent. So, why not fill your bedroom with happy memories or art that keeps you feeling bright?

If you’ve decided you’d like to give your bedroom a coat of paint, that’s always a solid way to introduce some personality and style but be mindful of the kinds of shades that work best for bedroom design.

Stuart Clark, a home expert at Victory Blinds, shared over email that calming shades like khaki green, soft blues and gentle pink tones are always best as they help create a tranquil environment – better for sleep, too.

Don’t overlook the linens

When designing your ultimate bedroom, your bed and its linens are going to be a huge part of how you experience the space.

Granziera shared that an insider tip is to buy a quilt that’s one size larger than your mattress. “Choose a king-sized quilt for a queen-sized bed. This will make your styling ultra lush,” he said.

The other key element to keep in mind is simple linens are always best. “…it pays to keep the linens pared-back and simple in order not to overwhelm the bed or the room,” said Granziera.

He suggested using classic tones — single colours only — and then introducing character with layers of cushions or throws so you can easily update the room when you like.

The most important factor here, however? Make your linens comfortable. There’s no point in designing a cute bed if it feels like you’re sleeping on old newspapers.

Our favourite brand that hits the mark for both of those aspects is AERE with its soft as a baby’s bottom Linen Quilt Cover Sets.

Texture is everything

Natural finishes and textural materials are a nice way to warm up a space that feels otherwise dull.

Granziera shared that when it comes to a bedroom design, “Rattan, bone inlay, and textural timbers can also be added through statement pieces such as bedsides or dressers.”

If you’d like to introduce natural, raw materials into the room in a less permanent way, however, you can use hand-made vases or even indoor plants, he said.

And “no bedroom setting is complete without a beautiful rug,” Granziera added.

If you’re after more home design styling tips, check out this write up on the biggest trends to pay attention to for 2022.

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