Here Are the Biggest Trends in Home Decor, According to Pinterest

Here Are the Biggest Trends in Home Decor, According to Pinterest

With Australia well and truly into the winter season now, and a fun little lockdown on our hands (well, for many of us), it’s hardly surprising to see that folks have home improvement on the brain.

During the cooler months, it’s only natural to want to cosy up in a space that feels inviting. You know, living your best hygge life…

Anyway, knowing that many of us are itching for a home decor refresh right about now, Pinterest has shared its top trends in this area – highlighting what people are most interested in at the moment.

According to the platform, Aussies are really digging the “Scandi lifestyle this season as they’re embracing minimalism and prioritising comfort”.

Here’s a list of popular home decor trends

1. “Cosy” decor is on the rise:

Surprise! Search around ways to create a “cosy room” or “cosy house” has been massively growing of late. According to Pinterest trends between April 2020 and April 2021, these terms have jumped up by 90 and 95 per cent, respectively.

The highest increase was in searches for “living room decor cosy,” however, with a spike of 170 per cent.

What does this look like? Think thick throw blankets, neutral palettes, loads of layers and textured fabrics.

2. Comfortable bedding is getting more attention:

Folks are keen on creating a more inviting bedding set up, it seems, with search for “comfy bed” up by 40 per cent.

Load up on the blankets and grab yourself some quality pillows and probably won’t want to get up in the mornings.

3. Minimalist interiors are increasingly popular:

Admittedly, this feels like the antithesis of cosy but for kitchens, search around minimalism is increasing. According to Pinterest, the term “minimalist kitchen” has seen a 100 per cent increase in searches over the past year.

Here, it appears folks are keen on smooth finishes, clean lines and classic colour schemes.

4. Millennial pink is out

You may have heard this news floating around already, but Pinterest search trends seem to suggest that yes, pink is no longer the ‘it’ colour. Instead, it would appear grey is emerging as the new favourite shade.

In the last few weeks, Pinterest has found that the term “grey terrazzo bathroom” increased by 70 per cent, “modern grey kitchen” spiked by 60 per cent, “charcoal carpet bedroom” saw a 30 per cent boom and “dark living rooms” jumped up by 40 per cent.

5. Neon lighting is a vibe

Moving away from winter-specific trends a little, Pinterest’s prediction board states that neon lighting is a big area of growth right now – particularly for Gen Z. LED lighting is about to be everywhere, it appears.

The term “neon room” increased 8-fold in search interest over the past year, Pinterest reports. Additionally, “mirror with LED lights” spiked by 2x the search, and “blue LED lights bedroom” jumped up by 155 per cent.

6. Spruced up kitchen shelves

Another hot area of interest is character-filled kitchen shelves. Pinterest Predicts is spotlighting trends like copper cookware, coloured glassware and floating kitchen shelves.

The term “copper cookware” has increased in search interest by 35 per cent in the last year, “coloured glassware” by 135 per cent and “kitchen floating shelves décor” by 130 per cent.

7. Japandi is still very much a thing

The other style trend hanging around right now is “Japandi” decor – which is a blend of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism.

Year on year search for “wooden bed design modern” has increased 5x, and – as highlighted earlier – “modern minimalist kitchen” jumped up by a sizeable chunk, also.

If you’re keen to get moving on your home decor overhaul, it’s worth noting you can get started on that within the Pinterest platform now.

Pinterest home decor trends
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In a fun new feature from Pinterest, you can now shop trends (or whatever you’re searching for) directly from the app, too. The platform has rolled out Shopping Lists in the US & UK – this will arrive in Australia at a later date – which allows you to create a board solely of purchasable items.

Aussies can shop within the app with options like Shopping Spotlight when searching – which highlights items you may like – and Shop with Lens – which shows you items for sale that are similar to what you’ve just photographed.

Now, where to start?

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