Our Best Styling Tips for Every Room in Your Home

Our Best Styling Tips for Every Room in Your Home

If there’s one thing that collectively caught the attention of the masses over the past couple of years (aside from banana bread) it was home design and styling. Spending that much time in one space will do that to you, apparently.

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We’ve seen spikes in interest on platforms like Pinterest surrounding terms related to interior decor and even landscaping trends, so naturally, we thought we’d pull together some fun guides to help the DIY-inclined with their projects.

If you’re keen to learn how you can sharpen up every area of the home with a few design tips and trends, here are our guides to every major space and what to do with it.

How to design the bedroom of your dreams

From ‘hygge home’ to ‘bookshelf decor’, here are our top trends for styling a bedroom that not only looks great but will help promote a solid sleep environment.

Bathroom design tips and trends people are loving right now

Learn about Japandi and bath rituals with all the latest styling trends in the bathroom space right now.

Laundry styling tips and trends

No, a laundry room doesn’t have to be boring. Check out practical, and beautiful, styling trends that will help elevate this oft-forgotten space.

How to style a kitchen that’s both functional and fun

Speaking of practical areas, we can’t forget the kitchen – can we? Check out the most popular trends in kitchen styling and design to see how you can improve yours.

How to style the perfect living room

The living room is one of the most regularly-used spaces in your home. Here, we look at trends like ‘buffet styling decor’ and ‘cosy’ decor to find tips on how to breathe new life into this space.

Backyard styling tips and trends

While not technically a room, the backyard is an important space in your home. Let’s take a peek at popular trends like outdoor living rooms and ‘cottagecore’ to see what will work for you and your backyard.

Design tips and ideas for your home office

From cosy office furniture to the importance of creating zones (if you can) this guide takes you through a list of some of the most effective and simple home office styling trends and ideas around.

Want more home design reading? Check out this sweet little write up on how to turn your home office into a gaming room. Can you think of a more exciting DIY project? Neither can we.

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