Your Office Chair Might Be Damaging Your Hardwood Floors, Here’s How to Avoid That

Your Office Chair Might Be Damaging Your Hardwood Floors, Here’s How to Avoid That
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Only a week ago, I had the jarring realisation — my home office chair has been damaging and scuffing my floorboards. And because it’s not something I was ever really looking out for, I hadn’t even noticed it until I tried to sweep under my desk last week. Of course, I took to Google following this shocking discovery, and from there, it finally occurred to me why people use those squared mini floor mats that go under your office chairs.

If you just immediately scooted off your chair to check yours, I don’t blame you. It’s a common problem. But fortunately, it’s one that has a simple solution. That’s why I’ve done the dirty work and found you some of my favourite office chair mats that’ll suit every home office, no matter the aesthetic.

How to clean scuff marks off hardwood floors?

Before you get a new office chair mat, though, you’re probably going to want to deal with the existing scuff marks and damage first. This can be easily done by working a warm wet sponge into the marks, provided there’s not too much damage. You can even raid your kids’ pencil case for an eraser, as these babies offer the same effect in no time.

Alternatively, for marks that are a little harder to buff out, baking soda is always a go — just make it into a paste with water and voila. Try a combo of the three for best results if it’s still not budging.

Luxury Chair Mat, $118

I’ve started off with a bang, meaning this one is a little on the luxe side, but if you’re super particular about your home office aesthetic and don’t want to skimp on style (even when it comes down to office mats), this gorgeous Aztec-printed rug offers your hardwood floors optimal protection. It’s also longer than most mats, which is great if you tend to roll around a lot, from filing cabinets to bookshelves to the desk.

You can buy the Luxury Chair Mat ($118) from Amazon here.

YESDEX Chair Mat, $49.99

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re just here to get the job done and don’t care about the extra frills or aesthetics, this YESDEX Office Chair Mat is made of heavy-duty, recycled, phthalate-free, flexible PVC vinyl, making it a great option for protection. You’ll also be able to easily glide across the mat. The best part is that you can nab one for a cool $49.99.

You can buy the YESDEX Office Chair Mat ($49.99) from Amazon here.

Fendsy Chair Mat for Hard Floor, $44.99

Not a fan of the plastic look, but still want something basic that does the job? This baby — made from carpet — has got you covered.

The added perk of a carpet floor mat is that you can also cut it down to any shape you want, meaning it’ll fit any place in your house and office. Thankfully, this one’s quite long as well, so it’s good if you’re constantly wheeling around your office from shelf to desk.

You can buy the Fendsy Office Chair Mat for Hard Floor ($44.99) from Amazon here.

Heavy Duty Chair Mat with Non-Studded Bottom, $69.99

If your study or home office is quite small and you tend to stay put in one spot, this cute mini, square, transparent office chair mat is a solid investment. It’s also 2mm in thickness, which is much thicker and more durable than other plastic chair mats, so you don’t have to worry about it bending when you use it or accidentally breaking it and causing scratches. The floor mat is also made of PVC and free of BPA, which is a win-win.

Unlike carpet mats (which you’ll have to vacuum to clean), you can simply wipe the pad with warm soapy water — no harsh chemicals required — and your mat will be pristine again, too.

You can buy the Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat ($69.99) from Amazon here.

Carpet Floor Vinyl Plastic Protector, $24.99

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If you want something similar that’s also on the cheaper side of things, this floor mat might not be as thick as the previous product, but it sure does the job, alright. Its simple design also makes it practical and suitable not just for your office chairs but for protecting furniture from scuffing or scratching your floors all throughout the house — bedrooms, dining room, living room and more.

You can buy the Carpet Floor Vinyl Plastic Protector ($24.99) from eBay here.


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