Ask LH: Which Way Should You Face In the Shower?

Ask LH: Which Way Should You Face In the Shower?

Which way do you face in the shower? Have you ever really thought about it? Did you ever imagine that perhaps you might be shamed for your shower preference? Well, folks, I’m here to jump into a debate that many of you probably didn’t realise would get you so heated.

An image is currently doing the rounds on social media which sparked a large debate in our work chat. The image slanders those who face towards the showerhead and praises those who face away.

It’s just a silly meme but it’s really causing quite the debate. Mostly because people didn’t know their shower habits were unusual.

Whatever your shower situation is, you’re probably going to question your showering habits after you read this and maybe you’ll even start a fight with your loved ones about their choices, too.

After all, we are no stranger here at Ask Lifehacker about delving into debates that have the potential to tear friendships apart.

So without further ado, this week’s Ask LH is dedicated to finding out which way you should face in the shower?

What’s the most common way to shower?

What the meme, and the many debates, have shown me is that people shower in all kinds of ways. All of them without any real scientific reasoning.

Maybe your skin is as tough as Captain America’s shield and you spend your showers directly facing the jet stream.

Or you might be one of the people who stand facing away from the showerhead so you can really disassociate as the water trickles down your back.

Perhaps some of you want to be Kylie Minogue and just spin around like a rotisserie chicken so the water hits at all angles.

I’ve come to learn that some people stand sideways (?) so only half of the bod is getting its shower on while the other half is just sort of chilling there.

For those of you who have been through some rough times, you’d know all too well about how comforting laying down in the shower is. If this is your regular showering method, however, I’d be inclined to ask how you’re doing, because it’s clearly not great.

Before you do lie down in the shower though, maybe give the floor a bit of a scrub, you never know who has been peeing there.

And finally, ultimate bliss calls on those who have shower chairs and can sit on their throne and chill out.

So much variety, right? We really are a diverse bunch of people. How beautiful.

This argument is nothing new, however, as almost 12 years ago Glamour polled their readers about which way they face.

From the poll, they found that 64 per cent of people face away from the showerhead while 21 per cent face it head-on.

As for the other 15 per cent? They are our versatile Kylie Minogue rotisserie chickens who go back and forth between facing the water and turning away from it.

Which one is better for your skin?

As a way to defend their chosen mode of showering, some people will argue that their way is better for you than others.

While there isn’t really a general scientific consensus on which way you should face when you shower, there are some strong opinions about which might be better for your skin.

Personally, I’m spinning around like Kylie (my name is half of hers, it’s only right) to make sure all of my body has access to the water.

But before I turn to wash my face in the shower, I will make sure I’ve turned the temperature down significantly. I, like most people, enjoy a hot shower, but my face definitely doesn’t.

I learnt the hard way that the temperature my body can handle is far too hot for my face.

Good thing I do that too, because according to Dr Nazarian and Dr King, U.S. based dermatologists, hot water can dilate blood vessels and capillaries in your face.

Basically, this makes the skin red and aggravated and might enhance conditions like rosacea.

If you’re the type of person who faces the water your whole shower, I have some bad news.

Because the skin on your face is much thinner than the rest of your body, it can dry up much faster if there is too much contact with water, particularly if it’s hot.

This means that it’s best not to expose your face to too much water and that you should make sure it’s at a lukewarm temperature.

Ask LH: Which Way Should You Face In the Shower?
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Should you wash your face in the shower?

There are some arguments that suggest you shouldn’t be washing your face in the shower –  rather, the sink is a safer option. This way, your skin will be less exposed to large amounts of hot water.

On the flip side, many dermatologists think that washing your face in the shower is perfectly fine as the warm mist can open up your pores and help with a deeper exfoliation.

So, I guess it’s up to you to decide which option you prefer. Either way, you’re still washing your face so that’s the most important thing. Just make sure it’s not scorching hot water and that you’re speedy about it.

Wash your legs, please

This obviously has nothing to do with which way you face in the shower but while we’re on the topic of showering I need to raise this important point.

Wash your damn legs.

I’m sorry, but the theory of trickle-down economics does not apply in this instance.

You can’t just rely on the soap running down your legs to do the job here; you really have to get in there and give your legs the TLC they deserve.

While you’re at it, wash your damn feet, too.

So, whatever way you may like to face while in the shower, just make sure you’re using soap and not making things worse for yourself by having the water temp too high.

Let us know in the comments below which way you face and why? I’d love to know your reasoning.

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