You Probably Shower For Longer Than You Think

You Probably Shower For Longer Than You Think

We all should know by now that taking shorter showers is a simple way of saving water, and the belief that the average shower takes around five minutes is fairly widespread. However, a new survey of UK showering habits suggests that the average shower actually takes eight minutes.

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BBC News reports on a study of 100 families covering 2600 showers, where the length of the shower was measured by automatic sensors attached to the shower, rather than by the more common but less accurate method of asking people to estimate how long they took. That research suggested the average shower took eight minutes.

The figures on water consumption from showers are of less relevance to Australia, since the electrically-operated “power shower” is an uncommon option here, and many of us have water-saving shower heads. Baths are also a much more common option in the UK.

My typical showering routine takes just under four minutes on a workday, but on weekends I’m definitely guilty of lingering in the shower longer. Do you need more than eight minutes for your daily shower routine?

People’s showering habits revealed in survey [BBC News]


  • I’ve got a simple shower ‘egg-timer’ that sticks on the tiles. It runs for four minutes. I can wash my hair and body in that time. On very cold winter days I might flip the timer over and have up to 8-min showers. It is a great way to keep shower times down and it’s a shock at first to see how ‘quickly’ 4 minutes go by!

  • The shower is definitely some type of warp where time passes much faster than normal. It’s also where i come up with my best ideas, usually forgotten as soon as I step out…

  • I’m pretty comfortable with the knowledge that I shower for upwards of around 10 minutes on average, and am pretty liberal with water use generally.

    Water restrictions aren’t in place, my landlord pays water usage rates, the price of my electricy bills are managable, and power on my grid is sourced from hydro – so I have no concerns over carbon footprint.

  • Usually around the average 8 minutes for me also.. I have a very tiny hot-water system in my apartment and I am always out before it gets cold. Even if it were 10 minutes I wouldn’t say that is unreasonable. When I shower, I wash my hair, condition it sometimes, shave, and still have time for a couple of minutes of just plain relaxing under the water.

  • 10-15 minutes most days. I’ve had some of my best ideas while under the shower, I hate to be rushed while I’m still half asleep. Under the shower anything seems possible for the coming day, once you get out reality intrudes and suddenly everything seems harder and less worthwhile. Life outside the shower is just more depressing and less interesting.

    I only wish I had space in the laundry for a bigger hot water tank, then I’d happily get up earlier to spend more time in the shower!

  • I think I need to have breakfast before showering because when I get in the shower before breakfast, I’m still half asleep and spend up to 30 minutes in the shower. Still, with just my wife and I, our water bills are very low!

  • Usually about 10 – 12 minutes. And definitely longer in winter, although I shower twice a day in summer.

    Winter weekends I like to soak in the bath after a quick shower. Great way to stay warm while the heater kicks in!

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