Throw A Home Movie Night With This $35 Mini Projector Deal

Throw A Home Movie Night With This $35 Mini Projector Deal
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While there’s nothing quite like going to the cinemas to watch a movie, you’ll know all too well that it can get mighty expensive when you add up the cost of a ticket with snacks and drinks. If you’re part of a family, movie night can become a stressful financial affair. That’s where mini projectors come in to offer an impromptu movie night from the comfort of your own home.

Now, most of you will know that mini projectors don’t come cheap. Typically, they fall into a price range that starts from about $200 and go up from there. Right now, the YG300 mini projector on Amazon Australia is on sale for $35, down from $59. This might be the perfect product for you if you don’t plan to use a pocket projector all that often, or if you’re not ready to commit to one’s usual hefty price tag.

Although, you’ll have to keep in mind that at $35, you’re not paying for top quality. This’ll do well if you want a casual screening in your backyard or for a spontaneous romantic evening on Valentine’s Day. All you need are some tea lights, rose petals and some breakfast trays to nail an intimate and cosy date night.

Or maybe you’ve decided it’s time to pop the question and you want to surprise your future fiancee with a slideshow featuring all of your cutest moments together over X amount of years, months, or days (hey, we don’t judge).

Grab this mini projector for cheap
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This compact projector is both lightweight and small enough to fit snugly into your pocket, backpack or purse. For such a small gadget, it can throw a projection size of up to 60 inches.

You can even take the YG300 projector camping since all it needs to function is an adapter, or in this case, a power bank. Thanks to its various multimedia ports, you have the option to hook up your smartphone, laptop or tablet to watch your favourite movies anytime, anywhere.

Pair with a galaxy projector and a home speaker if you really want to amp up the vibes. Go for a portable speaker if you’re out in nature for a weekend camping trip.

Specifications you need to know

Mini projector
Image: JFMShop

Native resolution: 320 x 240 pixels

Brightness: 400 lumens

Throw distance: 1-3m

Weight: 500g


Speakers: Built-in

Battery life: No batteries required (Adapter/power bank required)

Shop this cheap mini projector here for $35.


  • I love your enthusiasm for projector parties and outdoor movie viewing, but I don’t think the JFMShop projector you are promoting does what you think it does! 400 lumens is a very, VERY dull projection light. I think if the moon came out and shined on your projection screen, it would be brighter. At 3m, this projection would be all but invisible even in the darkest room. And an image quality of 320 x 240 pixels… don’t expect to be able to read the credits or the subtitles. That’s not 4k, or Full HD 1080p. Nope, not 720 either. 640 x 480 perhaps? No folks, it’s only a quarter of VGA. Unwatchable. This listing is for a kids toy. Not a projector for actual media consumption!

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