Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like McNuggets

Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like McNuggets
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In news I can’t say I ever expected to hear, McDonald’s Australia is leaning into the romance of the Valentine’s Day season with a new, loved-up take on a classic menu item: Chicken McNuggets.

Loved-up Chicken McNuggets at Macca’s

Image supplied. McDonald's Australia Chicken McNuggets, Valentine's box
Image supplied. McDonald’s Australia Chicken McNuggets, Valentine’s box

As of February 9, Macca’s announced it would be bringing a new limited-edition Valentine’s Day Chicken McNuggets box into Aussie restaurants for anyone who wants to treat their honey(s) to some tasty nugs.

In essence, the deal is that you’ll be able to purchase a box of six chicken nuggets from McDonald’s Australia between now and February 16, 2022, and in this time, you’ll be treated to a special Valentine’s Day box with a pop-up heart that reads, “I’m lovin’ you”. How sweet.

Did I initially assume the promotion involved heart-shaped nuggets? Yes. But this is nice, too.

Amanda Nakad, Marketing Director, McDonald’s Australia, said:

“We know how much Macca’s fans love our Chicken McNuggets, so what better way to spread the love this Valentine’s Day than with our most romantic box yet.

“Whether you’re dropping in for a quick bite, picking up dinner for a Galentine’s Day gathering, or using McDelivery to send treats to someone special, Macca’s has you covered this Valentine’s Day.”

More menu news

In addition to the Valentine’s Day nuggets box, Macca’s Australia has announced it’s introducing a new sauce to its collection of condiments as well as a larger nugget box, filled with 40-pieces of Chicken McNuggets.

The Spicy Sticky BBQ Sauce is joining McDonald’s line up of condiments, boasting “a combination of a classic sweet barbecue flavour with a blend of chilli and spices”. It’s set to hit restaurants around Australia soon, but will only be available for a limited time.

Wonder if it’ll be anywhere near as addictive as Sweet ‘N Sour sauce?

The 40-pieces of McNuggets is being described as a solid option for folks keen to “cater for those bigger sharing moments”. After all, nuggets are a pretty damn popular dining option at Macca’s.

Both the Spicy Sticky BBQ Sauce and the 40-pieces of McNuggets will be available to order in restaurants and over McDelivery as of February 16, 2022.

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