Our Favourite Dishes That Give Christmas Leftovers a Second Chance

Our Favourite Dishes That Give Christmas Leftovers a Second Chance

One of our favourite parts of the holiday season is the abundance of leftovers we get to enjoy. Huge festive feasts always result in piles of leftover foods – many of which have been lovingly prepared and absolutely should not be wasted.

If you’re wondering what to do with all the leftovers you’re about to see in the fridge, here are some of our favourite recipes/dishes designed especially for that.

The best dishes using holiday leftovers

Leftover Christmas pudding:

“I am forever grateful for Jamie Oliver putting me onto this combo: cold Christmas pudding with top-notch aged cheddar cheese. Throw in a quality, weighty beer (I love stout, even in summer) and you’re set for a glorious Boxing Day.”

– Melissa Matheson, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Kotaku, Business Insider

Leftover chicken:

“My family’s leftover homemade chicken schnitzel is to die for. We’re Hungarian so we always make way too much food, but sometimes it’s still a fight to the death to take home that last schnitzel.”

– Lauren Rouse, Lifehacker

Leftover curry: 

“Not Xmas specific, but leftover curry to homemade samosas/pasties is the ideal transition. [I use] homemade wholemeal [pastry] when I can be bothered, which is not often. Store-bought usually works fine, nothing fancy.”

– David Adams, Business Insider

Leftover anything, really:

“I’m that loser that puts everything in a pie when there’s not enough for anything else.”

– Asha Barbaschow, Gizmodo

Leftover veggies:

“I’m a big fan of throwing a pile of leftover cooked vegetables in a pan and making an omelette out of all. It’s always a treat.”

– Stephanie Nuzzo, Lifehacker

Leftover cheese and cold meats:

Here, we shared a recipe for no-knead bread that is the perfect place to throw all the leftover bits from your Christmas charcuterie board.

Leftover mushrooms:

Another old favourite of ours is this recipe for stuffed mushrooms using leftover mushies from your fabulous dinner party last night.

Do you have any go-to recipes you like to pull together with leftovers? Share your best suggestions in the comments below.

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