I Can’t Stop Thinking About This Cleaning Goo I Saw on Tik Tok

I Can’t Stop Thinking About This Cleaning Goo I Saw on Tik Tok
Image: Amazon
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TikTok is a wild and wonderful place that can honesty entertain you for hours if you let it. But one of the absolute best parts about the social media platform is all the weird and wonderful hacks, product recommendations and reviews that live on some of the hashtags. My personal favourite of late is #Amazonfinds. People share all the bat shit crazy things they find on Amazon that they feel will change your life — and let me tell you about this cleaning goo that has BLOWN. MY. MIND.

If you heaven’t heard of cleaning goo or cleaning gel (way less fun to say), it’s literally goo that picks up things like dirt and dust from all those hard to reach places in your car, behind computer panels, in between the keys on your keyboard, in air vents, on controllers and remotes, you name it and this little squish can legit clean it.

Watch it…


So I bought dust cleaning gel from my car and I thought I would try it out #fyp #cleaning #car #random 

♬ credit to goblin jae – dreux. ????????

Goo… to clean… how much more satisfying can it get?!

The best part about this mind-blowing find is that a 4 pack will only set you back about $16 on Amazon, so you can try it for yourself. The cleaning goo features in so many TikTok videos that I couldn’t hit add to cart any quicker if I tried, I need to see this stuff in action.

Scroll to shop cleaning goo on Amazon, you know you want to.

Jeisslia 4 Pack Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner $14.99

You can buy Jeisslia 4 Pack Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner ($14.99) from Amazon here.

Editors note: the cleaning gel pictured in the TikTok is not available in Australia so we’ve found the next best thing. 

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