This $12 Hack Could Save Your Jeans If They’ve Stretched Around the Waist

This $12 Hack Could Save Your Jeans If They’ve Stretched Around the Waist
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You know, here at Lifehacker, we love a good TikTok hack. Any gadget that makes our life easier we’re more than happy to spend money on. Today’s mind-blowing hack comes courtesy of the AmazonFinds hashtag, and it’s button pins.

Button pins basically do what they say on the tin. They’ve recently become popular after a video of a TikToker using a button pin to make her jeans fit perfectly has gone viral and has clocked up millions of views. You simply press the button into your jeans wherever you want along the waist of your pants that fits more comfortably than the original button, and then you button your pants to that point (see below).


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It’s a great solution if your favourite pair of jeans have stretched after a few wears, and you need a way to tighten them up a bit, so you can still get decent wear out of them. Commenters on TikTok were also quick to point out that button pins can also be used to make other clothing items (think: blazers, skirts, and button-down shirts) fit better and are a great alternative to safety pin or tailoring, which can sometimes cost you a small fortune.

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Our favourite part about his game-changing hack is that it’s super affordable. A pack of 16 button pins is only $12 from Amazon, and you can buy them in a range of different styles — silver, gold, clear — to suit your outfit needs. It’s a genius (jeanius?!) find if you ask us.

You can buy the Waistband Buttons 16PCS ($12) from Amazon here.

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