Did You Know the Ridged Edges of Ritz Crackers Have a Purpose?

Did You Know the Ridged Edges of Ritz Crackers Have a Purpose?
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A lot of us have been eating Ritz crackers for the majority of our lives without ever stopping to wonder why they’re shaped the way they are.

The crackers are known for their odd ridged edges; it’s not a feature many of us think to question – that’s just the way Ritz crackers look.

Little did we know, however, that those ridged edges are actually there for a purpose, and Ritz has shared exactly what that is.

Why do Ritz crackers have ridged edges?

Ritz released a video on its official TikTok explaining the secret use behind those serrated edges.


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As the video shows, most people think the edges are just there to look pretty, but no – they have a use! That use is to help cut up your cheese, apparently.

A user in the TikTok video can be seen sawing a slice of cheese with the jagged edges of the Ritz cracker, getting a nice sized square that suits the size of the cracker.

Look, it’s definitely not as easy as using a knife to cut a piece of cheese or breaking it apart with your fingers. But it’s good to know that if you forget your cheese knife on a picnic your humble old Ritz cracker is there to help.

This secret cracker use has gone viral on TikTok before, but now that Ritz has come out and confirmed it, it’s blowing people’s minds once again. At the time of writing the video had over 2 million views and upwards of 440k likes.

In my experience, putting any sort of pressure on a Ritz or Jatz cracker causes them to split apart so I can’t speak for the effectiveness of this Ritz crackers edge hack. Ritz crackers are made differently in the US, though so maybe they hold up better?

It’s wild what biscuits can do nowadays. Ritz crackers as knives? Tim Tams as straws? What’s next?

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