I Have Been Peeling Ginger Wrong My Entire Life

I Have Been Peeling Ginger Wrong My Entire Life
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Kitchen staples like garlic and ginger can singlehandedly enhance any dish. So, why do they have to be so damn difficult to prepare?

Between peeling the skins and cutting up their odd shapes, garlic and ginger make for a difficult prep time. There are multiple hacks out there for peeling garlic, but let’s take a look at its friend, ginger.

The easiest way to peel ginger

When you’re using ginger in cooking – whether it be dicing it up for a dish or putting some chunks in tea – you probably don’t want that papery skin hanging around. But ginger skin is stubborn, as are the knobbly shapes of ginger roots, so it’s often a battle to convince it to part from its home.

Peelers are pretty much useless and if you go through the painstaking motions of cutting every bit of skin off with a knife, you end up losing large parts of precious ginger.

That’s where a spoon comes in.

As pointed out to me on TikTok recently, the key to easily peeling ginger is using a spoon.

Watch how @feelgoodfoodie does it below.


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Yep, that’s right folks. All you have to do is slide the spoon under the edge of the skin and gently lift it off. It’ll give you peeled ginger with no waste.

Look, it’s not exactly a new hack but TikTok seems to have a way of making all these tricks feel fresh again. And I for one admit to peeling ginger wrong up until this point.

Now that you have some peeled ginger, check out this hack for mincing it in literal seconds. Seriously, it’s a mind-blowing trick.

And don’t let those ginger peels go to waste! You may not want them in your cooking but they do make for an excellent ginger herbal tea if you brew it properly. You can read more on how to do that here.

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