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Cocktail syrup is very easy — some would say “simple” — to make. Dump some sugar in some water, heat it until it dissolves, let it cool. If you want a flavour other than “sweet”, you can boil some sort of plant part in the water to impart something special. However, in the case of ginger syrup, this route can give you a dull, not-so-spicy syrup with a “cooked” sort of flavour.


Red hair is caused by a rare recessive gene that occurs in less than two per cent of the human population. Once considered a sign of beauty, virility and even rulership, the trait has since become an object of bullying and ridicule - and the "rangas" have had enough.

On 29 April, Australian redheads are being urged to take part in a national Ginger Pride Rally organised by
Buderim Ginger Beer and the Red and Nearly Ginger Association (RANGA for short). There will even be 'ginger speed dating' for redheaded singles to partake in. Here are the details.