Grab Your Wellies Because the Wet Weather Will Get Worse in NSW and Queensland

Grab Your Wellies Because the Wet Weather Will Get Worse in NSW and Queensland
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If you’re enjoying this cool and rainy weather on the East coast of Australia, you’re in luck. Queensland and New South Wales will cop a bashing of wet weather over the next week. Consider this your reminder to pack your brolly.

When it rains it pours

It’s the weather movement experts have been warning us about for months. Now it seems La Niña is well and truly here.

Kicking off from Tuesday (16/3) parts of NSW and QLD will see increased wet weather activity for at least the next 7 days. The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a 60% or higher chance of rainfall in both state capitals for the whole week.

In Sydney and Brisbane, BOM is predicting the heaviest rain on Saturday (20/3) with 30-50mm expected.

In greater Queensland, the rain is welcome after going through a prolonged spell of less-than-average rainfall. According to 9 News, some parts of central and southern QLD are getting their best drop of rain in three years.

However, this recent trough of rain has sparked flash flood warnings across the state.

Warnings are current for the Maranoa and Upper Balonne Rivers, the upper Warrego river, the Paroo river, Bulloo river and Diamantina river. Floodwaters are also expected to travel from QLD down to NSW with initial flood warnings already being issued.

Those in flood-prone areas should keep an eye on the BOM website for up to date warnings.

Thanks, La Niña

While the rain has brought cooler temperatures, the summer heat isn’t quite done yet. Brisbane is still expected to hit a high of 29 degrees on Saturday and other parts of QLD will reach over 30 this week. Warm and raining, what a delight.

This weather is likely a result of the La Niña movement, which brings increased chances of rainfall and tropical cyclones. Experts predict this will stick around for most of Autumn so embrace the rain, folks.

We may be sick of lockdown but this rainy weekend looks like a good opportunity to curl up on the couch with some blankets and your Netflix account. Stay safe out there, everyone!

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