Scanpan Is Having a Sizzling Sale with up to 65% Off Right Now

Scanpan Is Having a Sizzling Sale with up to 65% Off Right Now
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If you love nothing more than cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you know how important it is to invest in the right equipment. Scanpan are one of the most well-recognised and trusted kitchenware brands in the world – and it’s not hard to see why. With their durable products, non-stick surfaces and evenly placed heat distribution, they’re built to last and very thoughtfully designed. If you’ve been keen to try out the brand for some time but the large price tag has put you off, this epic Scanpan sale is what you’ve been waiting for.

Slashing up to 65% off some of their top-rated gadgets, there’s a range of Scanpan products that are heavily discounted on Amazon right now. While the thoughts of pots and pans might not be as exciting as a new air fryer or portable blender, it’s important to invest in good-quality equipment that gets used on a daily basis.

Sales this good don’t come around very often, so you’d be wise to make a dash for the checkout now. Products are already starting to sell out so get in quickly to avoid disappointment.

Happy cooking!

Scanpan sale top picks

Scanpan 5-Piece Silver Set, was $665, now $229 (save $436)

This essentials set includes a stockpot, frypan, saucepan, Dutch oven and sauté pan. It has everything you need to create a variety of dishes and are guaranteed to last a very long time if properly cared for. This is a great item to pick up during the Scanpan sale if you’re looking to upgrade your current kitchenware or you’re starting from scratch.

Scanpan Multi-Purpose Pan, was $255, now $95.15 (save $159.85)

As the name suggests, this pan has far more than just one use. Whether you’re looking to make a stew, casserole or steamed dish – this gadget can do it all (and then some). For people living in apartments or kitchens with minimal storage, it’s great to invest in kitchenware pieces that are multi-use, making this a great choice.

Scanpan Milk Pan, was $79.95, now $39.95 (save $40)

While it’s called a milk pan (and can absolutely be used for heating milk), this piece can also be used for things like melting butter and making porridge. Designed for optimal heat distribution, you can heat anything inside evenly and to perfection.

Classic Induction Chef Pan, was $459, now $159 (save $300)

The Scanpan Classic Induction Chef Pan has been made with the latest Stratanium non-stick coating which means it’s extra durable and resistant to sticking. It’s been guaranteed not to warp and is also ovenproof up to 260 degrees.

Scanpan Impact Saucepan, was $145, now $57 (save $88) 

A decent saucepan is a necessity in almost every kitchen. From Sunday morning fried eggs to Tuesday night dinners, it’s one of those versatile pieces of kitchen equipment that can do virtually anything. This particular saucepan is loved for its large capacity (3.5L) and sturdy handles.

Classic Sauté Pan, was $375, now $141.63 (save $233.37) 

If you’re cooking for a family or entertaining friends, this pan is perfect for creating larger meals which need higher walls and a tempered glass lid. It’s also dishwasher safe if you feel like throwing it in there instead of dealing with the washing up by hand.

Classic Induction Wok, was $445, now $154 (save $291)

A wok is one of those versatile gadgets that every kitchen should have. Perfect for winter dishes like stir-frys and curries, this induction wok is made with 100% recycled squeeze-cast aluminium and Scanpan’s exclusive titanium non-stick coating. This also makes it a dream to clean up afterward which is something we can all appreciate.

Impact Sauté Pan, was $185, now $74.87 (save $110.13)

With its non-stick surface, tempered glass lid, and patented handle, this pan allows you to create delicious dishes while working like a pro. Whether you’re making pasta, rice dishes or sautés, there’s virtually nothing you can’t make in this.

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