The Hottest Air Fryer Deals on Offer Right Now

The Hottest Air Fryer Deals on Offer Right Now
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Air fryers have become one of the hottest trends in cooking recently. If you don’t already own one, this kitchen appliance is a worthwhile investment. These sweet, (mostly) oil-free fryers are the easiest way to still enjoy all your favourite fried foods without feeling guilty.

Most air fryers are simple to use and maintain, with very little input required from you while cooking your meal. No matter how skilled or hopeless you may be in the kitchen, it’s never been easier for you to cook up a delicious meal. In fact, you might be surprised by what exactly you can cook in one of these fryers.

To help you start preparing your next culinary masterpiece, we’ve rounded up the best air fryers that are on sale right now.

Instant Vortex Mini Air Fryer was $149, now $111.75 (save $$37.25)

Image: Instant Pot

If you don’t think you need a particularly big air fryer, Amazon is currently offering 25% off Instant Pot’s Instant Vortex Mini. This 2L air fryer comes with four pre-set smart cooking options, so frying up a nice meal is a breeze.

What makes this Instant Pot air fryer stand out from others is that it’s available in red, which is a nice alternative to the usual black, white or steel grey that most other brands offer. Does the air fryer being red mean it’ll cook faster? The science there still isn’t confirmed.

This deal is only available to Amazon Prime members, so make sure you’ve signed up for an account beforehand. Your first month is free and you can cancel it anytime you like. Amazon Prime Day is going to be kicking off sometime between now and the end of June, so having a Prime subscription isn’t a bad idea if you want to grab some nice deals during the big sale event.

Buy the Instant Vortex Mini Air Fryer was $149, now $111.75 (save $$37.25).

Tefal Easy Fry Classic Air Fryer was $199, now $129 (save $70.95)

Image: Tefal

This particular Tefal air fryer has a somewhat compact design, but offers a sizeable capacity of 1.2kg. The Easy Fry Classic gives you four cooking options – fry, roast, grill and bake – which require little to no oil. This Tefal fryer uses hot cyclonic airflow to crisp up whatever dish you’ve got cooking, with high precision temperature range from 80 to 200 degrees.

If you’re looking for a fryer that you can cook with every day, while being easy to use, this might be the ending to your quest.

Buy the Tefal Easy Fry Classic air fryer (was $199, now $129 — save $70.95).

Philips Daily Air Fryer was $239 now $178, (save $61)

Image: Philips


The Philips Daily air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology to fry, grill, bake and even roast your food with air, not oil, leaving you with food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It was also designed with your kitchen in mind, you can save space on your countertop while still enjoying a large 800-gram capacity.

It features an integrated timer that allows you to pre-set cooking times of up to 30 minutes and comes with an auto-off function and a “ready” sound indicator. The fully adjustable temperature control allows you to pre-set the best cooking temperature for your food up to 200 degrees.

Buy the Philips Daily air fryer (was $239, now $178 — save $61) from Amazon here.

Sunbeam DuraCeramic Air Fryer was, $159, now $149 (save $10)

Image: Sunbeam

Enjoy your favourite fried food in a healthier way with the Sunbeam DuraCeramic air fryer. It uses 99.4% less oil than standard 4L Sunbeam deep fryers, this powerful fryer oven boasts a copper-infused DuraCeramic coating that ensures durability and excellent heat conduction.

It features a 30-minute timer, temperature control up to 200 degrees and an audible ready-to-eat alert. The detachable air frying basket can also be washed in warm, soapy water for fuss-free cleaning.

Buy the Sunbeam DuraCeramic air fryer (was $159, now $149 — save $10) from Amazon here.

Philips Premium Air Fryer was $329, now 249 (save $80)

air fryer
Image: Philips

The Philips Premium air fryer uses hot air to fry your favourite foods with little or no added oil. This air fryer uses technology that’s designed to remove fat from the food (and capture it all in the fat reducer), making this the healthiest way to fry your meals.

You don’t need a lot of space for the Philips fryer as it’s 20% more compact – but cooks the same amount of food that it always has. So you can easily keep it on your kitchen countertop, and use it daily. It also lets you grill, bake and even roast your favourite dishes for versatile cooking. You can a set timer (up to 60 minutes) and temperature (80 – 200 °C) to enjoy a variety of dishes cooked to perfection.

Buy the Philips Premium air fryer (was $329, now $249 — save $80) from Amazon here.

Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer was $269, now $245.65 (save $23.35)

air fryer
Image: Instant Pot

Make all your family’s fried favourites without the oil and mess. Use the pre-set smart programs to easily air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat or dehydrate your favourites. The Instant Pot Vortex Plus circulates super-hot air around your food so it cooks evenly and retains moisture – giving you the crispy, golden texture and delicious taste of deep-fried food, without the oil.

Simple touch controls are easy to use, and the Instant Pot Vortex Plus remembers your settings, so your favourites can be made with the touch of a button. The air fryer basket and cooking tray are both also removable and dishwasher safe making cleaning up a breeze.

Buy the Instant Pot Vortex Plus (was $269, now $245.65 — save $23.65) from Amazon here.

MIC Air Fryer, was $129.99, now $110.49 (save $19.50)

Image: MIC

With an extra-large 12L capacity and 23 in-built cooking functions, this air fryer from MIC will cook up healthy meals and snacks in minutes! The cooking functions, which require little to no oil, meaning dinner has never been so simple. 

It comes with 3 rack levels of space to fit whole chickens, turkeys, and other family-sized meals, allowing you to cook ample food at once. It also has a pull-down door with a large window makes it easy to monitor food without interrupting the cooking process. 

Compared to a traditional hot oil fryer, the air fryer reduces the fat up to 85% and can whip up dinner in half the time of a conventional oven. Meaning you’ll be cooking up culinary masterpieces in no time.

Buy the MIC Air Fryer (was $129.99, now $110.49 — save $19.50) from Amazon here. 

MIC Aucma Air Fryer, was $119.99, now $99.99 (save $20)

Image: MIC

This air fryer from MIC uses 360-degree air circulation to evenly heat food from all directions. It comes with a 60-minute timer and 80℃—200℃ preset temperatures and 8 different cooking presets so you can cook your meals to perfection. 

The 11L tower provides enough space for baking bread and cakes, as well as space to grill roasts and whole chickens. It comes with 1x grill rack, 3 x air flow racks, 1 x rotating cage, 1 x slag tray and 1 x cage handle. 

Buy the MIC Aucma Air Fryer (was $119.99, now $99.99 — save $20) from Amazon here. 

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