Hemp Gin Won’t Get You High, but It Will Redefine Your G&T Experience

Hemp Gin Won’t Get You High, but It Will Redefine Your G&T Experience

In case you hadn’t already noticed, we had 420 day this week. April 20 is the date cannabis fans celebrate the many uses of the plant, so I figured it was fitting to spotlight a Hemp Gin for our latest Real Life Review.

The Cannabis Company has released a range of Hemp infused gins, taking terpenes (aromatic compounds) from the cannabis plant and using them to influence the flavour of the spirit.

It’s a pretty interesting process, because different terpenes from the same plant will create a different flavour profile. So, the Cannabis Company has been able to produce three very different styles of gin this way.

Before you ask, these will not get you high. The gins combine non-psychoactive CBD with gin to create a unique-tasting spirit that offers a totally new experience for gin fans.

I was able to taste the Cannabis Company’s Myrcene Gin ($99), which infuses gin with the Myrcene terpene.

It’s described as:

Bubblegum aromas blend with lavender, pine forest and sage. Soft tones of violet interact on the palate with woodland flavours of rosemary and resin, cloves and woody spices. With a long complex finish and a rich mouthfeel, The Myrcene is perfect paired with a premium tonic.

What’s good?

It’s completely unlike any other gin I’ve tasted before. I like that the combination of flavours creates a bunch of opportunities to be inventive with cocktails that are noticeably different to your classic gin-based drinks.

The flavour combo of The Myrcene Gin was a little peppery to me, and way less floral than most gins I’ve tasted before. That’s done on purpose as this bottle has been designed to complement the Autumn months.

What’s not so good?

Hemp Gin
Image: Lifehacker Australia

This comes down to personal preference really, but I do prefer a more traditional floral gin.

For my first attempt at tasting this gin, I tried to recreate the Green Dear Myrcene; a cocktail designed by The Cannabis Company. The drink calls for a mixture of Myrcene Hemp Gin, St. Germain, lemon, honey, rosemary and muddled cucumber.

My attempt was incredibly slap-dash, as I didn’t have St. Germain on hand and my attempt at muddling cucumbers was pathetic at best. The result kind of tasted like tea to me. My roommate admittedly enjoyed my strange mixture, however.

Mixing the gin with tonic was a more successful task, and I enjoyed the drink a little better. I will say I missed the fresh notes of a more traditional gin, though. (On reflection, I probably should have opted for one of the other two blends in the collection.)

The verdict

Was this my favourite gin of all time? No. But I certainly see how it presents a fun opportunity for gin lovers to experiment with new flavours in their drinks. And reviews for the spirit are generally positive, so I think it’s something that comes down to personal preference above all else.

I may be sticking to other options, but there’s a very good chance this rich and spicy gin is the spirit of your dreams.

This article has been updated since its original publish date.

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