11 Creative Ways to Organise Your Home With Tension Rods

11 Creative Ways to Organise Your Home With Tension Rods
Photo: Creative Lab, Shutterstock

Tension rods are a convenient way to hang curtains without putting holes in your walls, but the spring-loaded rods can do a lot more than just that. If you’ve had to be resourceful, a tension rod might be what’s holding up your shower curtain as we speak.

They have a simple-yet-clever design, with adjustable lengths and spring coils that allow the rods to wedge almost anywhere, and with a little creativity they can become one of your favourite household organisation tools. Lifehacker pulled together some of our favourite uses for you to try in your own home.

Extra hanging space

Photo: Creative Lab, Shutterstock Photo: Creative Lab, Shutterstock

Kids clothes don’t take up much space in a closet, but there are never enough hanging rods to really hold the number of tiny shirts and pants. Use a tension rod to add extra racks and maximise your kid’s closet space. You can do the same in your closet by adding a lower rod to hang pants and jeans.

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DIY separation gate

With just two or three small tension rods, you can create a barrier in any doorway. Space them horizontally in the door frame about four to six inches apart from each other, and use them to keep your child or pet from a room you don’t want them in.

Pot and pan lid storage

Lids are awkwardly shaped and difficult to store in drawers or cabinets, but you can use tension rods inside your drawers to organise them. Take thin tension rods and place them horizontally across your pot and pan drawer, or vertically in kitchen cabinets. Add more rods to store cutting boards and baking sheets with your pot lids.

Drawer organiser

Along with organising pot and pan lids, you can use tension rods to organise your Tupperware drawer. Just place the rods horizontally or vertically in your drawers to section off areas for your lids and containers to go. Store them flat, horizontally, or sideways.

Paper towel holder

Grabbing paper towels is easier when it is fastened to a wall or placed in a holder. You can create an easy DIY holder in your upper or lower cabinets with one thin tension rod — just put the paper towel roll onto the tension rod and extend it in your cabinet.

Use A Tension Rod For Hidden Paper Towel Storage

If you’re tired of having your paper towels out on the counter, use a tension rod to hide it in a cabinet while enabling easy access.

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Hang spray bottles

Organise the cabinet under your sink with one single tension rod by extending it horizontally across. Hang spray bottles on the rod to leave room for other supplies and bins. You can also put your paper towel roll on the rod right next to the spray bottles.

Cabinet spice rack

Rather than buying your own spice rack, you can use tension rods in your cabinets for easy access to spices and more room for storage. Space your thin tension rods horizontally based on the thickness of your spice bottles and how you want to store your spices. You can lay them with the caps facing out or standing straight up.

Picture and art display

For simple picture hanging or art displays, take a small rod and extend it horizontally inside a bookcase or storage box, then use shower curtain loops around the rod and hang binder clips from them. Just clip your artwork with the binder clips, and you can easily add more pictures or switch them out for new ones.

High-heeled shoe storage

For anyone with a healthy collection of high-heeled shoes, tension rods are a perfect way to keep them organised and accessible. Just extend a large, thin tension rod horizontally across your closet and hang the shoes by their heels across the rod with the insides facing out. It’s a great looking display, and you can easily grab the shoes you need and go.

DIY bed skirt

If you’re like me, the space under your bed is a go-to place for storage. Putting everything under your bed can look messy, but tension rods allow you to make an easy DIY bed skirt to hide the clutter. After you measure the sides of your bed frame to get the right sized tension rod, just put valance curtains on each rod to act as the bed skirt and extend each rod between the legs of your bed.

Create a window awning

This hack only works in between two cabinets or if you have two structures on either side of your window, but you can change the lighting in your kitchen or dining space by making a DIY awning. Just take one rod with a curtain half the size of the window, and place the rod at the top of the window flush with the window frame. Take a second rod and place it about three-quarters of the way down the window. Then take the bottom of the curtain and rest it on the lower rod. You can now enjoy the sun with the right amount of shade.

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