Repurpose Tension Curtain Rods Into Pantry Dividers

Hate having to take out every cutting board, platter and cookie sheet just to get the one at the bottom of the stack? Use this tip from Martha Stewart's website and repurpose cheap tension curtain rods to create pantry dividers so you can stack these flat items vertically to save space and make access easier.

The example in the photo above uses six curtain rods, priced at less than $US3 each. You can cut your own dowels to get the same effect for less money, but that will involve lots of measuring, cutting, adhesives, etc. Using the tension rods is easier to implement and simpler to remove.

Pantry Dividers [Martha Stewart via Re-Nest]


    Great idea - might use this to partition some drawers at my place (horizontally)

    Thanks for the tip. Being a renter it's good to have solutions I can take with me and use again. Also they're adjustable which is great.

    Hi, can you please advise where In Australia I can get these tension rods? Thanks.

    Susan, try Spotlight or Lincraft in Australia...but expect to pay quite a bit more than $3.

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