Use A Tension Rod For A Kitchen Spice Shelf

In the kitchen, you can use all the space you can get. That's where the handy window tension rod comes in. Turn one into a mini-shelf for those small spice containers that otherwise just take up too much room.

Family Handyman offers this clever and inexpensive idea. Tension rods are enormously useful, for organizing lids in drawers, as pantry dividers, and holding cleaning bottles under the sink too. So go stock up!

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Pantry Storage Tips & Cabinet Organization Tips [The Family Handyman]


    isn't tension when you are pulling two things apart and compression is when you are pushing something smaller?
    in that case - how is that a tension rod?

      @stu - The 'tension' is a reference to the ongoing sense of dread you will feel after installing one and precariously loading it up with the most expensive and fragile ingredients you have. You will also experience this 'tension' when;
      - you try and take anything off the rod, this is a balancing act requiring at least two hands. You may need to get a friend to come over and help.
      - you try and take anything out of the same cupboard. One upward bump and BOOM!
      - you close the cupboard door.
      - you walk in the room.
      - you breathe.
      - you do any of the above and then have to clean up, cursing the day you thought you were a handyman.

      DO NOT use a tension rod for a kitchen spice (or anything else) shelf.
      If you can't install a shelf - LEARN.

        First of all in a rental you cant just go on installing shelves wherever you want.
        Second Ive tried to look for tension rods and cant find them anywhere in Australia so for all these DIY articles written by Australians, tell us where you got the darn things from then!! Does't surprise me Australians dont know how to use tension rods because you dont have any readily available in this country. Its an ok idea and could work....... if anyone could find a tension rod, or apparently what is technically referred to as a compression rod, but when you do a search for those you get car parts.

          Tension rods are available from Bunnings. I imagine they'd probably be available at other hardware stores too.

    Not too easy to find but really not hard with a bit of thinking out of the box.

      Nice try. The IKEA website is American. The Lincraft option is rather small, but it is indeed a tension rod. There's still an entire absence of any decently sized tension rods. It's crazy how hard these things are to find in Australia!

        Funny. When I click on the link it tells me all my local stores, which are in NSW. which might be because the link is .... with that /au/ being for the Australian site.

        I found some here...

        Or you could use these spring ends to convert standard poles of any length into tension rods...

        or call pretty much any curtain store, or Spotlight...

        or keep complaining you cant find them..

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