All the Latest on Outlander for You Saucy Sasanachs

All the Latest on Outlander for You Saucy Sasanachs
Credit: Starz/Netflix

It has been a minute or two since we last heard from our time-travelling pals, the Frasers. But this week, Aussies have been treated to a new dose of hot and spicy Scottish drama with season five of Outlander dropping directly into our laps.

What’s the story?

If you’re in need of a refresher, fear not! We have come prepared with a rundown of where season four left off. Just be aware that, naturally, this means spoilers are ahead.

The fourth season saw Jamie and Claire begin to build a life in America. The pair, reunited after 20 years apart (I still can’t get over the “aged” couple), were committed to finding their way in the New World – which naturally had its obstacles. Namely, the season’s villain Stephen Bonnet who tricked the couple then robbed and attacked them.

Probably the biggest element to the season, however, was when we saw Jamie meet his daughter Brianna for the first time. After learning her parents were to die in a fire, Brianna decided to travel through the stones like her mother to warn Jamie and Claire about their deaths.

Absolutely “meh” dude and love interest to Brianna, Roger, also travels back in time in pursuit of his gal. Whatever.

We meet a bunch of new characters over in America and see how the family handles life in the colonies.

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Hey, honeys! Credit: Starz/Netflix

What’s next?

According to Decider, season five kicks off with a look at Brianna and Roger’s relationship more closely, as well as giving us a flashback to Scotland. There’s also been talk of a very impressive sex montage which I imagine must be giving folks major Bridgerton vibes.

We’ve also been treated to some insight into what’s coming in season six, too. Yes, I know you may not have even had time to get to season five, but things are moving fast here, people.

Sam Heughan (who plays Jamie) recently took to Twitter to celebrate returning to shooting for season six. They got back to business in February 2021 after delays due to COVID.

As Elle writes, the show is based on the book series by Diana Gabaldon. It’s believed season six will take inspiration from Gabaldon’s seventh book An Echo in the Bone.

It’s thought the story will kick off with the aftermath of Claire being kidnapped and assaulted before being rescued by Jamie. It’s also believed we’ll get a peek into the lives of Brianna and Roger who are stuck in the past with their son.

How to watch Outlander in Australia

Outlander seasons one through five are now available on Netflix.


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