An Outlander Prequel Is on the Way if You Need More Horny Period Drama Content

An Outlander Prequel Is on the Way if You Need More Horny Period Drama Content

If you’re on the hunt for a new saucy period drama to sink your teeth into, listen up because we have some news for you. US network Starz has confirmed it will be producing a prequel series connected to horny hit Outlander titled Blood of My Blood.

While we don’t have too much to go off just yet when it comes to the show, there are some pretty exciting developments that Outlander fans will likely get a kick out of. So, here is everything we know so far.

What’s the Outlander prequel about?

outlander prequel
An Outlander prequel is coming. Credit: Starz

If you’ve watched even a tiny bit of Outlander, you’ll know the story centres on the love story of Jamie and Claire Fraser – a couple who, despite being from different parts of history, fell for one another when Claire accidentally time-travels.

The Outlander prequel will be set further back in history and will tell the story of how Jamie Fraser’s parents, Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser, fell in love. So, expect more sexy Scottish accents.

As Deadline reports, Diana Gabaldon – who wrote the books Outlander is based on – has confirmed she is writing a book focusing on Jamie’s parents. She will also act as executive producer on the upcoming series.

Who else is involved in Blood of My Blood?

Speaking of production, we have some insight into the team working on Blood of My Blood.

Matthew B. Roberts, the showrunner and executive producer of Outlander OG, will write the prequel series. Maril Davis and Ronald D. Moore will also executive produce the show.

We’ve had no updates regarding casting yet, but Deadline shares that the writer’s room is open.

What other news comes from the Outlander world?

That’s all we know about the Outlander prequel for now, but we have also had confirmation that season 7 is coming for the original series. It’s been reported that the season will be a massive one with 16 episodes. Production has started on this one, so hopefully, we’ll be back in Fraser’s Ridge before you know it.

In the interim, you can watch older seasons on Netflix Australia. Or you can check out this list of other shows that have pretty excellent sex scenes – because that’s obviously why you’re watching.

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