How to Watch Riverdale Season 5 In Australia

How to Watch Riverdale Season 5 In Australia
Image: Riverdale/Netflix

Another year, another season of Riverdale. Yes, that dark, teen angst-filled, Archie comics adaptation is still going and season 5 is hitting our screens today!

That’s right, content hath returned to television and all your favourite shows are returning. Not saying Riverdale is my favourite show or anything but who doesn’t love a bit of trashy teen content? Me, that’s who.

Now that we’ve all established we’ll be watching Riverdale, here’s what you need to know.

Previously on Riverdale

Season 4 of Riverdale was tragically cut short due to coronavirus and its resulting production delays. So we never did find out who those creeps were in giant masks. We also very sadly lost Luke Perry in real life in 2019, and Fred Andrews was subsequently killed off in the show last season.

If you’d like a reminder of just some of the wild shit that went down in Riverdale in season 4, here are the highlights, (spoilers):

  • Cheryl had to part with her dead brother’s body which she had been propping up around the house like any normal person would.
  • Edgar, the creepy cult leader, tried to escape in a homemade rocket and was shot dead by Alice.
  • Veronica learns she has a secret sister, Hermosa.
  • Betty is tested positive for ‘serial killer genes’, which are apparently a thing.
  • Archie did some very meaningful stuff – like boxing.
  • Jughead moved to a new school where his classmates plotted to murder him.
  • To beat them to the punch, Jughead faked his own death.
  • Kevin got into the scandalous ‘tickling’ business – which is literally people who volunteer to be tickled on camera.
  • Betty and Archie hooked up and didn’t tell their significant others.
  • Cheryl and Veronica started a rum business at the ripe old age of 17(?)
  • Finally, the principal cancelled the prom so all the students dream of murdering him. He was then actually murdered.

This show is ridiculous and I love it.

So what can we expect in Riverdale season 5? First off we’re going to see the episodes we missed out on last season, which includes prom and graduation. There’s also going to be a huge seven-year time jump, taking us to a time when the characters are actually closer in age to the actors playing them.

You can check out the trailer for the new season below.

How to watch Riverdale in Australia

While Riverdale airs on the CW over in the US, here in Australia we’re lucky to get episodes weekly on Netflix.

The first episode of season 5 will premiere on Thursday, January 21. Episodes should follow weekly on Thursdays but given production delays there might be a few breaks in the season.

In the past episodes have appeared around 6 pm AEDT, 5 pm AEST, 5:30 pm ACST, 3 pm AWST.

It’s going to be another wild season of Riverdale drama, so settle in for some teen angst and maybe even some zombies?

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