How to Watch Riverdale Season 5 In Australia

How to Watch Riverdale Season 5 In Australia

Another year, another season of Riverdale. Yes, that dark, teen angst-filled, Archie comics adaptation is still going and Riverdale season 5 part 2 is coming back to our screens very soon!

The television content train is moving full steam ahead in 2021 and there’s an abundance of your favourite shows to watch this month. Not saying Riverdale is my favourite show or anything but who doesn’t love a bit of trashy teen content? Me, that’s who.

Now that we’ve all established we’ll be watching Riverdale, here’s what you need to know.

Previously on Riverdale

Season 5 of Riverdale ended pretty abruptly after episode 10 when the show took its midseason break back in March.

So, if you’d like a reminder of just some of the wild shit that went down in Riverdale in the first part of season 5, here are the highlights, (spoilers):

  • The person behind that crazy creepy videotape mystery from Season 4 ended up being Jughead’s sister Jellybean, who planned it all because she didn’t want Jughead to leave town. Maybe try therapy, kid?
  • Graduation happens and everyone basically breaks up to go live their lives, but not before swearing they’ll meet each other every year on the same day. (Narrator: they did not meet every year on the same day).
  • Enter that wild 7 year time jump. Long story short – Archie goes off to join the army, Betty trains to be an FBI agent, Jughead is a broke writer in NYC and Veronica is unhappily married to a rich guy.
  • For some reason, all the friends reunite in Riverdale and manage to get jobs as teachers at their old high school. Just Riverdale things.
  • Hiram is still being evil and all that and he’s recruited Reggie (!) of all people.
  • Betty and Archie have been secretly sleeping together for most of the season until Archie realises he still loves Veronica who is still married to Chad. Because we haven’t learned anything in 5 seasons, Veronica divorces Chad and gets back together with Archie.
  • This season’s murder mystery is all about the disappearance of Betty’s sister Polly. She may or may not have been taken by someone dubbed the Trash Bag Killer, which is just peak Riverdale.
  • Elsewhere, Jughead is on the trail of aliens. Yes, aliens.

This show is ridiculous and I love it.

So what can we expect in the second part of Riverdale season 5? I really have no idea what’s going on in this trailer, but it looks wild.

How to watch season 5 part 2 in Australia

While Riverdale airs on the CW over in the US, here in Australia we’re lucky to get episodes weekly on Netflix.

Riverdale season 5 episode 11 will debut on Netflix Australia on Wednesday, August 12 with the remaining episodes coming weekly after that. In the past episodes have appeared around 6 pm AEDT, 5 pm AEST, 5:30 pm ACST, 3 pm AWST.

The second part of season 5 has nine episodes but if that’s not enough for you, Riverdale will be returning for a sixth season later this year.

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