Find Out When Your Favourite Netflix Shows Are Returning With This App

“When does Stranger Things season 3 come out?” “When do we get new episodes of Riverdale?” “Is the You sequel coming to Netflix?”

Have you ever attempted to google the next season of your favourite Netflix show, only to get a bunch of irrelevant and inaccurate information? The new website Soon on Netflix can help with that – it provides the precise release date of everything coming to the service, no matter how obscure.

At some point, we got into the habit of exclusively binge-watching shows at our house. While we do keep up with a handful of series as they’re airing, for the most part, we end up picking a show that has four or five seasons already available and then watching a few episodes each night until we’re done.

It’s a great plan, except for occasionally we catch up to the current season and have to decide whether we should purchase the current one somewhere else or just hold out until it shows up on Netflix as well. Now we use Soon on Netflix to help make that decision.

Obviously you’re not debating whether or not to buy a show elsewhere in that case, but it can be a great place to figure out when your favourite show is coming back or see what’s coming up on Netflix in general.

For instance, this week the second season of Dark will premiere on Netflix, and in 18 days season three of Stranger Things will officially drop. We’re still 31 days from Season 8 of Suits, one of those shows I broke down and bought, showing up on the streaming service. Looks like that was a good buy.

You can definitely find the same information with a targeted Google search or potentially by reading one of our handy ‘Everything Coming To Netflix’ posts, but if you’re trying to plot out your winter watch list it can be a helpful tool in making that happen.

Just bear in mind that a lot of the third-party shows on the site are exclusive to the US version of Netflix. For Aussies, it’s only useful for tracking Netflix Originals which tend to land at the same time globally. (Alternatively, just sign up to a cheap VPN and get the American version of Netflix – then everything on the site will be relevant.)

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