Here’s What All That Confusing Bridgerton Slang Actually Means

Here’s What All That Confusing Bridgerton Slang Actually Means

If you watched Bridgerton season one,  I’d be willing to make a sizable bet that you spent at least a small chunk of time wondering what the hell the characters were talking about. The Netflix series, which is set in England’s Regency era (the early 1800s) does, at times, use language that we modern folk no longer understand.

As an example, playboy men in those days were not fuccbois – they were known as rakes. Perhaps there’s some kind of metaphor there about raking in lovers like leaves? I’m not sure.

Anyway, the team behind the hit show, (which has just been confirmed for a second season, by the way) has decided to help fans out a little by asking the cast to define what some of the more obscure terms used in Bridgerton actually mean.

Here are some of the best Bridgerton term definitions:

Rake: As we have covered, this is a big ol’ playa.

Ladybird: Someone’s mistress (scandal!)

Leg Shackled: To be married. Ouch.

Cock up one’s toes: To die. I mean, also ouch.

Foxed: To be a little bit (or a lot) drunkie.

Diamond of the first water: Okay, this was a little all over the place but essentially it sounded like a woman who’s super hot, slash perfect.

Leading strings: This wasn’t covered by Netflix, but according to The Tab, it refers to a kind of harness that adults once used to hold onto toddlers while they were learning to walk.

The Ton: No, this isn’t a weird way of saying “town”. According to Oprah Mag, it refers to British high society.

Snuff: I low-key thought this one some kind of illicit behaviour. But Oprah mag clarifies that it was actually tobacco that fancy Brits would snort back in the day.

High in the instep: Again, reported by The Tab, this apparently suggests someone is full of themselves.

Swoon: To faint… but in style, as Oprah mag shares.

Courses: You probably figured this out, but it’s a woman’s period.

Promenade: Oprah Mag suggests this term refers to a public walk with a special someone. To promenade is a big ol’ deal.

If you’d like to see the cast have a whirl at guessing the meaning of some of these words, check out the video below.

Netflix’s Bridgerton has been especially generous in sharing behind the scenes content for the show – probably because they know how despo we all are to learn more. The recently also posted this sweet little gift in the form of Pheobe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton) and Regé-Jean Page (Simon Basset) reminisce over what it was like to “burn for each other”.

You can swoon over that footage here.

And if you still want more BTS goodies, Shondaland has shared a series of snaps of the cast goofing around between takes, which kind of warms my heart. Those delightful treats are here.

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