Fans May Be Disappointed By This Upcoming Bridgerton Romance

Fans May Be Disappointed By This Upcoming Bridgerton Romance
The Bridgerton family. Credit: Netflix
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Exciting news for all those in the ton, Bridgerton has not only been renewed for a second season, no. The horny period drama has confirmed that it will be getting a third and fourth season, too.

As you may already know, the second season of the Netflix series is currently in production – without series one hottie Regé Jean Page (so sad). If you’d like to read up about what to expect from that next instalment, check out our write up on that here.

If you’re keen on looking beyond that point, however, here are some clues about what’s in store for seasons three and four.

Assuming that Netflix and Shondaland are intending to follow in the footsteps of the Julia Quinn series of novels that informed the first (and now second) season of the show, the next two seasons should be based around novels An Offer from a Gentleman and Romancing Mister Bridgerton.

Taking a quick peek at the storyline of those books gives a few exciting hints about the upcoming seasons. Obviously, there are potential spoilers in here.

What’s on the way for Bridgerton season three?

The third book by Quinn, An Offer from a Gentleman, is centred on the love life of one Benedict Bridgerton.

Remember this guy? Credit: Netflix

If you cast your minds back to season one, you may recall that there was some dissatisfaction surrounding Benedict. As the character discovers sex parties (heyo!), many thought it appeared as though an exploration around Benedict’s sexuality was on the way. As a result, a lot of audience members thought there was a chance Benedict may be gay (this fan included).

It was such a popular theory that cast members actually had to address questions about it.

However, Benedict’s eventual love story in the books is centred around his relationship with a woman named Sophie Beckett – whose story sounds very Cinderella-esque (i.e. cruel stepmother; beautiful young girl sent into servitude).

That sounds charming enough, but some may be disappointed by the lost opportunity of a queer storyline. Watch this space, I suppose!

What’s coming in Bridgerton season four?

Romancing Mister Bridgerton is the fourth novel in the series of books it’s a pretty significant one.

Bridgerton series
Soon-to-be lovebirds? Credit: Netflix

The storyline of part four of the series is expected to follow the complicated relationship of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington (aka Lady Whistledown herself).

Last we left off here, Colin was head over heels for Marina Thompson – who accepted his proposal as a means of covering her pregnancy. Lady Whistledown blew the whole thing up out of jealousy and set fire to her friendship with Marina along the way.

We wrapped up season one with Colin setting off to travel the globe, and with Penelope heartbroken after her nasty behaviour.

In season four, we will likely see Colin return from his travels, after which he’ll find himself newly drawn to Penelope. However, her whole side gig may create something of a problem for them.

Now, we should all keep in mind that this is speculation based around the events in the books, and the series has gone off-book before (there’s a new character joining in season two, for example). But considering what we’ve seen so far, we’d say there’s a fairly good chance the storylines will touch on something similar to the above. And we’re not mad at it, at all.

Where can I get my hands on the books?

If you’d like to start reading while you wait for the next chapter in the Bridgerton story, your best bet is to get into the books.

You can find each of them on Amazon. Here’s the full list:

The Duke and I – from $8.99

The Viscount Who Loved Me – from $8.99

An Offer from a Gentleman – from $8.99

Romancing Mister Bridgerton – from $14.99

To Sir Phillip, With Love – $14.99 

When He Was Wicked – from $11.99 

It’s In His Kiss – from $11.99

On the Way to the Wedding – from $11.99

Alternatively, you can also buy the entire series in paperback for $202.86.

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