PSA: Coles Is Slinging Half-Price Lobsters for Christmas

PSA: Coles Is Slinging Half-Price Lobsters for Christmas

The Christmas season is well underway and with limits on socialising lifting across the country, many of us will be able to hang out with the family for the holidays (which, y’know, is good and bad).

What this certainly means for many of us is that there are likely to be some big cooking days coming up and well, that whole shebang can get expensive.

Lucky for you, your pals at Lifehacker have come across some sweet deals that will help you dish up a Christmas menu you’ll enjoy – without overspending.

First up, Coles has announced you can get a hold of half-priced lobsters for the holidays, which is wild.

The supermarket chain has committed to an increased supply (29 times more than last year) of MSC certified WA rock lobsters in an effort to support the industry, as well as giving customers a chance at serving up something fancy for a bargain.

In a statement released December 11 Coles shared:

“From this weekend, Western Rock Lobsters will be available at Coles Delis nationwide at an all-time low price of $20 each which is more than half the price offered at supermarkets last year.”

According to reports from the ABC, Woolworths also had the same idea in mind – apparently committing to an increased order of lobsters (due to trade limits with China). Woolies is also selling their small rock lobsters at $20.00.

If you want more Christmas bargains, Aldi has also released hacks on how to fix a family Christmas menu for just $50. Which also sounds like a dream, if you ask me.

Nicole Higgins, ALDI Shopping Expert, told Lifehacker that if you want a cheap meal, this is what you should be shopping for:

  • Start with Frozen Butterfield Herb and Garlic Prawns 400g for $12.99.
  • Move onto Aldi’s Berg Deli Australian Leg Ham Portion (1kg) for $10.49 per kg.
  • As a side throw together some Goose Fat Roasting Potatoes (1kg) for $3.99, Salad for $2.00 and a Ham Glaze for $1.50.
  • Then for dessert, serve a six-pack of The Cake Stall Fruit Mince Pies priced at $1.49 and a Specially Selected Vintage Premium Pudding for $14.99.

If you prefer turkey, you can grab Aldi’s 1kg Stuffed Turkey Breast Roast with Cranberry and Apple Stuffing for $17.99. Or go veggie with extra produce like carrots for $75c, broccolini at $1.79 per bunch, honey roasted parsnips for $3.00 and green beans for $1.50. Get shopping for those here.

Not too bad, hey?

Oh, and whilst you’re here — if you want a further discount on your Chrissy groceries (including a neat up to 20% off), it’s worth stopping by our Coles coupon page.


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