Aussie Broadband’s Cracking NBN 100 Cyber Monday Deals Are Here [UPDATE]

Aussie Broadband’s Cracking NBN 100 Cyber Monday Deals Are Here [UPDATE]

There’s often no better time to swap your NBN plan than Cyber Monday, and one of the best providers in the country for gamers — Aussie Broadband — have got a killer deal available this week.

As they did last year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Aussie Broadband are cutting the price of their NBN 100 plans by $20/month. It’ll be for the first six months, and from the post that’s currently running on Facebook — it’s not live on the Aussie Broadband website yet — the discount applies to all Aussie Broadband NBN 100 deals.

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The deals last year required a checkout code to get the $20/month discount. This year, you’ll need to use the BLACK20 checkout code.


There’s also a $10/month discount on NBN 50 plans, if that’s all you need. For these ones, use the checkout code BLACK10.

Along with some of the consistently fastest speeds, Aussie Broadband also have what’s probably the best tool imaginable for anyone frustrated by lag: the MyAussie app. The app lets you reboot your connection all the way through the network, avoiding the hassle of having to call or contact a support team to have your connection restarted.

The app also provides info about your service’s prior fault history, apply stability profiles if needed, see the daily CVC graph for your local NBN point of interconnect, as well as running loopback tests, line stats tests and connection tests.

“It’s a much more thorough version of ‘turn it off and then on again,” Aussie Broadband said when the app was released earlier this year.

The terms and conditions say the deals will be live until December 4, so if you don’t grab it Friday you should be able to pick up the deal over the weekend. It’s also only available to new customers, but all of Aussie Broadband’s NBN 100 offerings are no-contract, so you can always switch to another provider after the 6 months


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