The Most Popular Neighbourhoods For Aussie Homebuyers

The Most Popular Neighbourhoods For Aussie Homebuyers

There’s a good reason you keep hearing the term “unprecedented times.” The global pandemic has impacted almost all aspects of life, including where Australians want to live and what the most popular suburbs now are. 

According to, while the volume of searches in Australia remains unchanged compared to a year ago, overall activity increased by 35% after the COVID-19 crisis hit. 

They found that there was a “clear shift toward interest in regional areas opposed to city suburbs,” which could mean Aussies are after a major lifestyle change due to impacts of the pandemic.

The Most Popular Australian Suburbs For Homebuyers

Since April 2020, searches for homes in regional Northern Territory have skyrocketed by 135%, despite low volumes. It’s a similar story for suburb searches in regional Victoria, with an increase of over 130%.

Searches for Melbourne suburbs, on the other hand, dropped and reportedly reached a historic low in August 2020.

Regional Queensland and regional South Australia have also seen spikes in searches in the thick of COVID-19. 

New South Wales

Most searched: Mid North Coast and Far West and Orana, The Central Coast, Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Illawarra, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Richmond.

Least searched: Sydney’s Inner West and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.


Most searched: All regions outside the city, with a 300% spike in Warrnambool and South West, and a 260% increase in North West.

Least searched: Melbourne’s West and Inner South suburbs. 


Most searched: Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and Townsville.

Least searched: Brisbane’s South, North and Inner City suburbs. 

South Australia

Most searched: The Barossa and Mid North region, as well as North Adelaide.

Least searched: Adelaide’s Central and Hills and South suburbs. 

Western Australia

Most searched: Outback (North) and Outback (South).

Least searched: Perth’s Inner and South East suburbs. 


Most searched: South East and Launceston and North East Tasmania.

Least searched: Hobart and West and North West. 

Clearly, Australians are quite literally searching greener pastures in the wake of COVID-19. While notes there’s no link between searches and purchasing behaviour, it makes you wonder whether condensed inner-city living, working from home arrangements or the wear and tear of lockdown has people wanting to expand their horizons.

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