The Best iPhone 13 Plans From Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

The Best iPhone 13 Plans From Telstra, Optus and Vodafone
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On September 15, Apple finally announced the arrival of its next generation of phones, the iPhone 13. The 2021 iPhone range matches the model lineup from last year with four different options on offer. We’ve got the iPhone 13, Mini and the Pro and Pro Max. If you’re keen to learn about what kind of phone plans you can get your hands on for the iPhone 13, allow us to help.

Assorted telcos have begun announcing plans offering access to the iPhone 13, so we’ve gone and collected some of the available deals from industry faves Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Take a peek through the selection below to see which iPhone 13 plan best suits your needs.

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If the below plans haven’t loaded, please check back soon as they’ll update once they’re available.

iPhone 13 plans from Telstra

Popular Aussie telco Telstra has a long list of plan options spanning across iPhone, iPhone Mini, Pro and Pro Max models for 24 to 36-months. Check out the iPhone 13 options below.

Telstra pre-orders for the iPhone 13 are available now, with phones shipping as of September 24. Take a peek at trade-in deals with Telstra here.

24-month Telstra iPhone 13 (128GB) plans

24-month Telstra (256GB)

24-month Telstra (512GB)

36-month Telstra (128GB)

36-month Telstra (256GB)

36-month Telstra (512GB)

Plans from Optus

Moving across to Optus, we’ve also got a selection of plans at 24 and 36 months in length. It’s worth noting here that Optus is offering up to $400 bonus credit when you trade in an eligible iPhone in good working order. Read the details on that here.

iPhone 13 plans from Optus are available now with phones delivering from September 24.

24-month Optus iPhone 13 (128GB) plans

24-month Optus (256GB)

24-month Optus (512GB)

36-month Optus (128GB)

36-month Optus (256GB)

36-month Optus (512GB)

iPhone 13 plans from Vodafone

Vodafone has announced its range of plans for the new iPhone, along with a selection of deals for customers. For example, customers who order any of the new iPhone 13 models on Vodafone’s Ultra+ handset offering before September 30 will receive a $20 monthly discount on fees when they stay connected to the $85 Ultra+ over 12, 24 or 36 months.

In addition to that, the telco is offering 50% off monthly access fees for the first three months for online orders made before September 30 – if customers stay connected to an Eligible Plan over 12, 24 or 36 months. (Though T&C’s do apply.)

Vodafone is also offering a $150 bonus trade-in credit, on top of the trade-in credit for their old phone, when customers trade up an eligible phone and stay connected to a Vodafone Infinite plan. This deal is available until October 14.

Customers have been able to pre-order the iPhone 13 lineup from Vodafone as of September 17, with availability from September 24.

24-month Vodafone iPhone 13 (128GB) plans

24-month Vodafone (256GB)

24-month Vodafone (512GB)

36-month Vodafone (128GB)

36-month Vodafone (256GB)

36-month Vodafone (512GB)

If you’re keen on finding a new plan but are looking at different phone models, keep reading because we’ve got Mini, Pro and Pro Max deals available for you too.


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