Try This Windows 10 ‘Copy and Paste’ Trick to Save Yourself Precious Time

Try This Windows 10 ‘Copy and Paste’ Trick to Save Yourself Precious Time

From the dawn of the computer age, users have struggled with copying and pasting multiple things at once. But as one Redditor pointed out, Windows actually offers you a simple solution.

Redditor u/Tennoz posted a handy tip for anyone who’s ever needed to copy and paste multiple things at once. The tool, which is built into Windows, allows you to copy as much as you want to a clipboard, ready for you paste into whatever document you desire.

To switch the tool on, head to Windows Settings and select System. Scroll down on the side bar until you see Clipboard and then switch Clipboard History to On.

windows 10 copy and paste clipboard feature
Image: Microsoft/Lifehacker Australia

Then whenever you select and copy some text, it’ll be pulled into the clipboard. To bring up the clipboard just hit the Windows key plus V (WIN + V).

When might you actually ever need this?. Let me count the ways.

Say you’re writing an essay and you need to pull the most relevant text or quotes in, this tool will stop you from any unnecessary back-and-forth between pages and documents. If you’re needing to send multiple emails with similar text but to different people, it’d be handy to save the email contents plus individual email addresses too.

The proverbial ‘copy and paste’ sky is your limit.

There are plenty of other third-party apps, such as Ditto, that offer a similar service but if you’re just in need of the basics, this’ll sort you out.

It’s probably not going to revolutionise your every day life that much but it is a handy tool. That’s what life hacks are all about.

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